Olive Oil Benefits

A study was done in 2002 that showed that Virgin Olive Oil might help with lowering cholesterol.

The study involved 16 healthy people. The purpose of the study was to see if virgin olive oil would help to lower cholesterol.

The people were told to not eat foods or drinks containing phenol during the study. The reason they did this was because phenol has already been proven to help control cholesterol levels. Onions, wine and vegetables as well as coffee and tea all have phenol in them.

After not eating or drinking phenol foods or liquids for 4 days... on the 5th day, the people consumed 50 ml of virgin olive oil -- about 3.3 tablespoons... with or without bread.

Then, the participants did not eat or drink anything with phenols for the next 24 hours. They ate their regular diet but also drank 25 mL of olive oil daily, for a week.

Also note that they were told to avoid high-fat foods during that period as well.

The results? After one week of taking olive oil daily (minus any "good foods and drinks... or fatty foods), the blood tests showed that the participants had higher levels of phenol and Vitamin E in their bodies.

The study shows you how powerful olive oil can be and how it can help control healthy cholesterol levels.

Please remember, though, that heating the olive oil and ingesting it that way will most likely not benefit you much. The olive oil needs to be ingested right from the bottle. Otherwise, it would not benefit you much... if any.

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