Soft Hands and Feet With Olive Oil Benefits For Your Skin

Olive oil is well known throughout the world. Not only is it good for you internally it has a lot of external benefits as well. Did you know that it can be very helpful to soften your hands and feet immediately?

On the market there are many companies that offer cosmetics and beauty products based on this oil, like soaps, body wash, face creams, body scrubs (with olive seed powder ) etc.

What makes the extra virgin oil so valuable for your skin:

- it keeps your complexion smooth to the touch because it contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, - it is filled with vitamin E that is a famous antioxidant, that makes your skin looks younger

How to pick the best olive oil?

- Look for extra-virgin olive oil in order to achieve the most antioxidant benefits. Virgin means it was produced in a natural way with no chemicals. - The best type of oil is cold pressed, because this way of production helps to preserve the richness of nutrients. - The colour of the product should be greenish.

Benefits of the olive oil to your skin:

- Extra virgin oil moisturizes the skin in a very effective way - It can help with scars: it can reduce the redness - It will make your hands baby soft and smooth - It diminishes wrinkles and makes skin looks younger in a natural way - It can be very helpful if you have extremely dry skin - You can notice first effects of the olive oil therapy very quickly

Coming next... PART TWO: natural homemade recipes based on olive oil to make your hands and feet silky soft. Read: soft skin with olive oil.

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