The Top 6 High Blood Pressure Herb Preparation Options

As people become more aware of the dangers of a "westernised" lifestyle they are educating themselves about natural herbal methods to complement traditional treatment plans for high blood pressure. So, is there a high blood pressure herb preparation that can be used in the fight to reduce high blood pressure?

The use of herbs or supplements to lower blood pressure should only be embarked upon after discussing your choices with your doctor or specialist. Even though herbs are natural products, they can still interact with other treatments and can sometimes impact adversely on medical conditions a person may have.

Here are some herbs that have been found to be useful and help reduce high blood pressure

Danshen is a herb, similar to sage. Extracts from its root have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and for thousands of years have been used to help with heart disease, circulatory problems and high blood pressure.

In studies carried out recently on animals it was found that the active ingredient in Danshen helped to reduce their high blood pressure levels by widening their blood vessels.

Crataegus Oxycantha (Hawthorn)

The Hawthorn is a small shrub. This member of the Rose family was often hung over the door of medieval houses to ward off evil spirits.

Even thought the effects of Hawthorn extract have not been specifically studied in people with hypertension, there is considerable evidence that supports this plant extract can bring benefits to those with cardiovascular problems.

In a study involving patients with type 2 diabetes, those that took hawthorn extract for 16 weeks had a reduction in their blood pressure levels, when compared to those who took the a placebo during the same period.

These studies also indicated that Hawthorn did not interact with the other medication that was being taken by test subjects, and so can likely be taken safely with other blood pressure medication.

Viscum Album (European Mistletoe)

The European Mistletoe has been used for millennia, as it is believed to have healing properties. As far back as the ancient druids who called it "All Hea;" people have been using it to treat many ailments.

It has many names including Bird Lime, Devil's Fuge, Golden Bough and Mistal, and should not be confused with the American Mistletoe with is generally considered toxic.

Studies that have suggested that mistletoe can improve the immune function and can be an effective preparation to fight against certain cancers. It is widely used in Europe for this reason, however these studies have not been proven in clinical trials.

The chemicals that are present in European Mistletoe can effect the heart and low doses can help lower heart rate and blood pressure.

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The root of the Rauwolfia serpentina has been used for hundreds of years in India to treat many ailment and conditions.

In 1952 the active ingredient of Rauwolfia, an alkaloid called reserpine, was extracted and has been used since by doctors to help treat hypertension.

It should be noted that this may only taken in very small doses but because of its potency it is still extremely effective.

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis)

This is an extremely effective herb for treating high blood pressure. It contains a chemical known as valerenic acid which acts as an inhibitor on the enzymes that break down gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA), and therefore helps control a person's blood pressure levels. It is believed that this particular herb also works to control a person's blood pressure levels because of its sedative properties.

However if the decision is made to adopt any of the above high blood pressure herb preparations, either in isolation or as part of a combined preparations, then it should be done only under the supervision of your doctor. This way impacts on existing medications or side effects can be identified and treated rapidly.

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