Ubiquinol Co Enzyme Q10 the Spark Plug Which Fires Your Bodies Energy Engine

Ubiquinol Co-enzyme Q10 is found in virtually all cells of the body, this includes the brain, heart, liver, and skeletal muscles. It is a carrier that transfers electrons across the membrane of mitochondria (the energy generator in the bodies cells) to drive the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the fuel that energizes the cells in our body. Heart muscle cells have the greatest concentration of mitochondria, 5,000 per cell.

The older type of COQ10, called ubiquinone, was OK when that is all we had available. Ubiquinone absorbed very poorly and the conversion to ubiquinol was extremely slow. But now we have ubiquinol coq10, which is up to eight times more absorbable and can be used by the body almost immediately without conversion. As we age, our bodies convert less and less from food sources and our total levels of CoQ10 drop. Also our ability to metabolize CoQ10 into the bio-available form our body really needs drops as well and that is why it may be wise to supplement with ubiquinol.

Here are some reasons to consider supplementation:

Energy and Body Support

o Chemical catalyst helping energy production

o Increase stamina

o Produces high levels of ATP cell energy

o Ubiquinol is said to be responsible for generating 95% of total body energy

o Increase exercise capacity

o Boosts memory and brain function

o Ubiquinol increase blood levels of COQ10 greatly.

o Enhances immune system, builds antibody production

o Increases oxygen utilization

Heart and Cardiovascular System

o Strengthens cardiovascular system

o Builds heart energy in mitochondria

o Helps maintain energy levels and balance

o Necessary to protect against heart failure.

o Helps maintain and lower blood pressure

o Replace ubiquinol removed by statin drugs

o Protects against oxidation of cholesterol

Antioxidant Power

o Works inside cells crosses blood brain barrier

o Protects DNA, proteins and cells from free radical damage

o Slows the aging process

o Recharges other antioxidants such as Vitamins A,C and E

o Shown to slow aging in mice by 51%

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