All Natural Cold Sore Treatments That Work Fast

Many people are now turning to all natural ingredients, and there are several all natural cold sore treatments that work fast. These sores are painful little blisters that appear in and around the mouth. They are filled with a pus-like substance that will discharge as it heals. They are very uncomfortable and quite contagious, so it is important to treat them right away.

Cold sores can take up to a week or more to heal. There are however natural cures that will help the sore to heal faster without using harmful chemicals. In light of the "green" economy that has been growing in popularity, many consumers are now seeking organic medications. There are many natural herbs and treatments that can be used on such sores.

Lysine can be used to treat cold sores. They can be taken in pill form on a daily basis to treat the sore. Lysine is found in many different types of food. You can find Lysine in milk, red meat, fish and other foods. It will typically take one week before the sore gets better.

Another natural remedy for cold sores is lemon balm. Lemon balm is applied to the sore at least two times per day. Lemon balm acts as an all natural antivirus and reduces the time of the sore. There are other kinds of all natural balms that are suitable to treat these sores. Many are available at local health food stores.

There are also various Chinese herbs and medicines that have been used to treat cold sores. One in particular, is the Reishi. This is a mushroom that is dried then grinded into a powder. The powder is then used as a topical treatment for the sore. There are other Chinese herbal mixtures that can be used to eliminate the ailment.

There are also certain essential oils that can be used to treat cold sores. But you have to take great care in working with essential oils. Many are known to be toxic and need to be taken in small amounts. And they should never be ingested. Essential oils can be found in heath food stores. They can also be purchased online. There are many different types of essential oils. There are lists and charts describing their properties and which are best suited to treat ailments such as these sores. One of the essential oils that can be used to treat such ailment is peppermint oil.

There are other all natural cures for cold sore treatments that work fast. There are other herbal remedies that can treat the sores. Echinacea is another very popular, all natural treatment. Holistic stores and supermarkets that sell organic medicine can also be helpful resources.

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