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There is a variety of different natural anxiety therapy methods. These methods do not involve medications and they are focused on getting to the heart of the condition and what is causing it to occur, so that you can move on and prevent it from interfering with your life. Some of the natural anxiety therapy methods include, identifying triggers, natural herbs and stress relief and relaxation.

Identifying Triggers

Anxiety can be brought on by many things. You may have some genetic predisposition to the disorder. You may bring it on through the food and beverages that you consume. You may also suffer from anxiety due to a high level of stress in your life. No matter what causes your anxiety, it is important for you to determine what the cause is so that you can then use that information to start working on your anxiety therapy.

To identify triggers you will have to do some careful observation of your life. When you experience an attack you have to be very observant of what happened before your attack and how you were feeling. Watching out for possible triggers will help you identify a pattern of what happens before an attack so you can start to see what is causing the attacks.

Herbal Remedies

Some research has been done to show that certain herbs are beneficial in helping with anxiety therapy. These include:

Valerian - This herb is often used to treat insomnia, but has been tried by anxiety patients with good results. It needs to be taken regularly, but should not be used for more than 3 months. Before taking Valerian, it is important to consider the side effects and speak with your doctor about possible drug interactions.

Kava - This herb has had promising results when used to treat anxiety. However, there is a warning about Kava by the FDA that it could cause liver damage. Care should be taken when taking Kava.

Passionflower - This herb has long been used as a folk medicine treatment for anxiety. It has been studied and shown to be helpful for the condition.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

One mainstream way of natural anxiety therapy is stress relief and relaxation. Most treatments for anxiety include some type of stress relief and relaxation exercises. These can vary, depending on your preferences. Some therapies include:


The goal of these therapies is to help you quiet your mind and body so that you can begin to gain control over your anxiety attacks. Most often people have severe trouble with anxiety when they have problems relaxing and when they are under a tremendous amount of stress. An anxiety attack itself raises stress levels and makes a person tense, so learning how to relax can not only help prevent anxiety but it can also be a tool to help you get through future attacks.

No matter how you choose to treat your anxiety, the goal is always the same. You want to stop your symptoms and cure your condition. Anxiety can really interfere with your life and make it hard to get through each day. Once you find a good anxiety therapy, you will feel like you have your life back again.

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