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A herbal remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis is now regarded as the best cure for this pernicious condition. Up to 40% of women have BV at least once throughout their lives. Treatment with antibiotics has not been as successful as at first hoped.

Cindy James, spokesman for The World Organization for Women's Health says:

The most effective and least harmful treatment for bacterial vaginosis is now widely accepted as being a herbal remedy. The days of repeated courses of antibiotics now appear to be nearing their end. Herbal remedies produce no side effects and leave the woman's immune system in tact and often even bolster it.

The Truth About Bacterial Vaginosis and a Herbal Remedy

There are two main types of bacteria present in the vagina, anaerobes and lactobacilli. When the balance between the two is correct, no problems occur. However, if anaerobes increase and lactobacilli decrease, the imbalance creates the condition of vaginitis (BV).

This presents itself in the form of a yellow/white and very smelly discharge from the vagina, particularly following intercourse. The smell is most commonly described as 'fishy'. The symptoms include swelling and severe itching of the vagina.

Apart from other complications that can arise if vaginitis is left untreated, it frequently puts sufferers off sex, short and long term. The condition is embarrassing for many women, even to the point of not seeking help.

There are a number of reasons for choosing a bacterial vaginosis herbal remedy over antibiotics. They include no side effects, a high clear up rate and permanent eradication of the condition.

In fact, not only are there no side effects but the body's immune system is built up. Many women continue with the remedy simply to stay healthy in general. The clear up instance is near 100%; there are very few women for whom a herbal cure is ineffective. Unless the patient is reckless in her lifestyle, the condition tends not to return, unlike treatment with antibiotics.

Many women diagnose themselves as having BV. If it is not that, it almost always turns out to be a yeast infection, which can also be treated naturally. If symptoms do persist, make sure you seek qualified medical advice. It could turn out to be a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

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