Can Coffee Makers Be Used to Make Tea?

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Can coffee makers be used to make tea is almost an odd question. Tea has been made in them for some time and different brands advertise that you can make it in them. What kind of coffee makers can be used and are used to make tea best is the better question.

One cup simple pour-over drip makers often advertise they can make tea. They even offer directions such as in a clean coffee maker, put in a filter and place your loose leaves for one cup or a bag on the filter in the filter basket. Run one cup to one and a half cups of water through the it. To clean the it, discard tea bag and filter, then wash filter basket and the brewed tea container be it a mug or small decanter.

A second question about making tea in a coffee maker is why. There are a number of reasons. One reason has already been answered; it is quick and easy to use one. Another reason is it more economical than boiling water on a stove top kettle. And if you are making just one cup of tea, it is more economical than an electric kettle. For the same length of run time a coffee maker uses 800 watts, while the average amount of watts for an electric kettle is 1200 watts. Tea drinkers who also drink coffee point out the convenience of using one because it is always out on the counter and ready to use for either coffee or tea all the time.

Not only regular tea, but iced tea can be made in a coffee maker. The three methods include using iced tea concentrate, loose tea or using tea bags. Iced tea from concentrate usually comes in three different concentrate levels such as 5 parts liquid to 1 part concentrate, 10 parts liquid to 1 part concentrate or 7 parts to 1 part concentrate. These concentrates come in a wide variety of teas among them are oolong, herbal, chai and green tea as well as a number of fruit flavored ones. To make iced tea with a one cup maker, put the concentrate in the container for the amount of iced tea you want to make. Run the maker for hot water to fill the cup or mug halfway. Add ice cubes and stir to desired strength of iced tea you like. Note: one cup coffee makers make various amounts. Check the amount of hot water the coffee maker makes before brewing.

Some brands actually name their product as a coffee tea and hot chocolate maker. Others state the coffee maker has 4 brewing modes: regular, flavor plus for bold coffee, 1 to 4 cups, and iced coffee or iced tea while another is called a combo brewer for coffee and tea making. Yet, another is called a cold drip coffee and tea maker. Exact recipes for them come with most coffee makers that offer iced tea whether it is for loose tea or bags. If you want a sweetener or milk, be sure it in your container first and then make sure you have enough ice ready to stir into the container. These makers that make iced tea can be from a one cup to a 12 cup and can be a simple pour over model or a programmable digital one.

To answer the question, can coffee makers be used to make tea? Absolutely! Not only can they make hot tea a number of ways, but they can also make iced tea good enough for a tea connoisseur. offers household coffee making products, electric tea kettles and accessories as well as commercial coffee making equipment from Grindmaster-Cecilware and Bunn along with all there accessories and options. Check us out at:

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