Can Nopalea Help Normalize Blood Sugars and Treat Diabetes?

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Many people have asked if the Nopal Cactus and Nopalea can help with blood sugar problems, so here is some information to help.

We know from personal experience in our local Black Hills TriVita Team that those who have had different stages of diabetes and blood sugar issues who follow our directions have had great results with Nopalea.

Nopalea seems to help regulate blood sugars without the negative side effects and liver damage, which is known to be one of the primary side effects of blood sugar prescriptions.

Safety note: Do not halt prescription drug use except under the direct supervision of a naturopathic or physician.

Conventional medicine companies do not want the public to learn about nopal and nopalea because it would cost many of millions of dollars in annual profits for diabetes drug sales. The public is intentionally kept ignorant about natural treatments for diabetes as a way to maximize corporate profits.

Most doctors have never heard of nopal, nopalea nor its blood sugar balancing effects. We suggest continuing all prescribed medicines and let your doctor notice the difference and makes changes.

The use of the nopal cactus goes way back into history as a plant used by the natives cultures for treatment of various maladies. The uses of the nopal cactus to lower blood sugar levels has been well documented by many private studies. Nopal cactus parts have been used in traditional south western medicine techniques for ages, specifically treating type two diabetes. The researchers were using the broiled nopal stems and their results showed a significant drop in blood sugar levels.

In recent private studies the Nopal Cactus Fruit from the Sonoran Desert have what is believed to be the the most powerful active ingredient. These ingredients are amazing anti oxidants called betalains. While betalains are found in limited numbers in other food sources such as beets and swiss chard, only a specific member of the Nopal Cactus contain all 24 betalains.

The prickly pear cactus which is known as nopal in Mexico used to make Nopalea has been proven to give good results in these areas also. A professor of nutrition at Andrews University, Winston F. Craig, Ph.D., wrote an article titled "Cactus prickly pear helps normalize blood sugar"

It is an informative article, in this article Professor Craig states

"In Mexican traditional medicine, prickly pear cactus (nopal) is used for the treatment of diabetes and high cholesterol. The blood sugar-lowering action of nopal has been documented in a number of studies."

You can read it online here ->

Here is Professor Craig's credentials: ->>

Professor Craig also states"Prickly pear cactus appears to be safe when consumed as food. When used medicinally to lower blood sugar levels, it has proven itself to be trustworthy and effective for individuals with diabetes..."

In fact the specific Nopal Cactus fruit used in Nopalea has the highest concentration of betalains in any food substance tested and it is this specific fruit that is formulated into the drink Nopalea.

If regulating your blood sugars has been a problem, I suggest trying this all natural fruit juice concentration and experience wellness with so many others.

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