Can We Become Smarter?

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Have you ever wanted to be smarter? Maybe you think that you're not smart enough and you want to find ways to make you brain more productive in life. I hear so many people saying that you can not improve your IQ. I'm willing to challenge that theory. I raised my IQ from a 125 to a 155 just in one year by doing simple brain and IQ puzzles that IQ tests seem to be full of. That's just one tactic you can use but their are so many more

1. Puzzles - The first thing I recommend are Puzzles such as algebra, Sudoku, spatial shape, and sequence. These are the kind of problems that govern almost every IQ score, although not entirely. If you work on doing these types of puzzles as a time killer or just as a side hobby when your bored, I guarantee you will have an amazing increase in your IQ score. I myself did these types of puzzles frequently for a year and increased my score by 20 points alone. This is why I listed this up top since i believe it is the strongest you can do to increase your intelligence. You can also do Crossword puzzles to increase your vocabulary, and other things like daily brain teasers and riddles to challenge your creativity.

2. Brain Age, DS Games - The Nintendo DS is great for brain building games. The people at Nintendo are great Innovators when it comes to making learning fun. My favorite games are Big Brain Academy and Brain Age 1. These games themselves have great games for Strengthening your Prefrontal Cortex which is the part of your brain used in the primary thinking process. Everything in these games are time based. The quicker and more accurate you complete the task, the higher your score. These kind of games make great for competition with your friends and family. See whos smarter and who can achieve the best time and score. These games will definitely speed up your brain processing and thinking abilities. People will be surprised when you can count 167 blocks in a stack in a matter of seconds

3. Chess - Chess is a game that is older than you and me and all your family combined. It is rumored that it was invented almost 1500 years ago. If you never learned how to play chess, I highly recommend taking lessons from someone who knows the game well. Chess is a game of strategy and tactics. One wrong move could spell disaster for your whole game. This game is great for building Focus, Logic, and your Analytical Reasoning. I have been playing chess for over 10 years now and have become a great player of the game. Actually no one will play me anymore because they know they will get beat. Chess is a game of pure intelligence and your IQ will raise just from getting good at the game. I recommend Chessmaster for learning the game if no one will teach you. It is great for beginners to advanced Grandmaster at the game. It will teach you all the special moves and tactics that every great chess player knows. Your decision making and focus will become much stronger from this one game alone as long as your willing to learn from it.

4. Classical Music - Now they say that listening to classical music will increase your IQ, but studies show that it may only last for 20 minutes after listening to it. Even so, it still gives you a boost, especially when you listen to it often. My cousin and I were listening to Mozart one day and we stumbled upon something that I'm sure many other great minds have done as well. I know that Walt Disney is one of them, his masterpiece film "Fantasia" is proof of this. We started telling stories to the songs. We would put actions and emotions together in the song and we could make perfect sense of what the song was saying in our minds. You can hear the emotion in classical music and you can turn it into something great if you put your mind to it. All great composers are able to put these emotions into a melody and truly bring it to life. So if your ever bored, pop in some classical music and begin to paint a picture with it. You will find your creative genius inside you coming up with a very interesting, even sometimes hilarious stories every time.

5. Diet - Their are several herbs that can help with brain functions. The first one I know of is Ginko Biloba. This herb is said to increase awareness. Fish oil is said to contain Omega 3 fatty acids which are great for improving brain functioning. Studies have also shown than fish oil can be used as a mood stabilizer. The fatty acids are helpful in insulating your neurons to help them fire faster. Also Caffeine is a great way to improve your brain power. I know that caffeine is a type of drug, but it is very useful when we need a temporary fix for let's say a test at school or a project needs done quickly for work. It helps the brain work faster.

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