Crystal Essence and How it Can Help With Your Yeast Infection

You can achieve some really beneficial results by making your own crystal essences. If you use this ancient healing method, you can help your body heal itself from the ravages of yeast infection. It may sound a bit way off but it is a simple therapy that has been used for many centuries and in many cultures. If you combine this simple therapy with other natural therapies then you may be surprised by the results and the general well being that you will feel


These are simple preparations creating a vibratory effect by immersing a gemstone into spring water that is in a glass vessel and exposing the vessel to direct sunlight. The result is charged water that is capable of healing within the body. gem essence as it is also known is believed to be affective by allowing the energy pattern of a chosen stone to leave its imprint on the water.

Sunlight is best for this interaction to happen but you can also leave a stone in water by your bedside overnight. First thing in the morning remove the stone and drink the essence. This charged water can also be stored for later use and drunk throughout the day, to help the body with the healing process.

This water can also be used on pulse points or around a chakra area. It seems to be just as effective this way. The essence can be stored in the refrigerator and used with in the week. Freshly made is obviously best and it should not be frozen.

gem essence in your bath

Another wonderful way to achieve the health benefits is to add some gem essence to your bath water. It can also be used on your pets or sprayed onto indoor plants with amazing results.

Some stones are toxic and others will dissolve in water so some caution needs to be taken. The gem water made from stone from the quartz family is safe to use. You can also try citrine, amethyst and tigers eye.

Instead of using the sunlight to make your essence you could try some moonlight. This essence has a calming effect on our emotions as moonstone is soft and cooling. Have a clean glass bowl and place a cleansed gem stone into it. Pour some fresh spring water into the bowl till the gem stone is covered. With this method place the bowl outside under the light of a full moon for about three hours. If the night is clear and calm the bowl can be left outside overnight. Remove the stone and cleanse it. Pour the essence into a clean glass and drink first thing in the morning to help prepare for a harmonious day.

Once you have used this method of healing a few times you may notice that your yeast infection has eased or completely gone. Stress in our lives is a major factor for yeast infection to take hold so when you are using gem stones as a healing method you will be calming and soothing yourself and allowing the natural harmony of your body to have a healing affect.

Having a yeast infection is not pleasant so it is important to gain the knowledge on how to treat it. My website is aimed at helping people learn how they can take charge of their own health.

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