Crystal Healing For Thinning Or Receding Hairloss

Hair growth is a big thing for both men and women alike. I have been asked many times to work with crystal healings for this and both males and females always ask what they can do on their own to enhance the energy output of the session. There are so many crystals out there to choose from to work with for hair growth, especially if this is for a receding hairline.

I have found that one particular crystal works wonders for this type of work, but must express my own opinions that it will not resonate for every single person. Please do remember that everyone resonates differently, so what may work for the majority of people may not always work for your particular issue at hand, so please use this as guidance and if at any point it doesn't feel right for your own intuition choose a different crystal to use.

Snowflake Obsidian charged into a water based remedy works great for enhancing the physical and energetic levels to re-grow hair, especially for situations such as thinning hair or a receding hairline. You can charge a small bottle of purified water with Snowflake Obsidian for a minimum of 2 hours. After your charge is complete you can use this energetically charged water to rinse over your head and hair, can mist the areas in need of attention, or you can even make a batch of this every day and wash your hair with the water. The more you use of this water the more energy it is going to put at this point for the hair to re-grow. What's the worst thing that will happen, your hair would get thicker and come in more full? I don't think that's a bad thing!

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Many Blessings, and Love and Light,
Nicole Lanning

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