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Eating has been linked to emotional health for centuries. The phrase Eat, Drink, and Be Merry has never been truer. The problem with eating for comfort and emotion is people can become reliant of food in a negative way that adversely affects their health. When you are eating for enjoyment there are some ways you can increase your emotional well being without having to indulge in triple fudge brownies by the dozens. You can add to your healthy foods choices to enable a better result that will last long term and be much healthier than the sweet treat. While most people thing about eating to aid in feeling better as a bad thing, there are many ways to eat a healthy diet and still aid in your over all well-being.

Happy Herbs

If you are looking to add to your diet without adding to the fat and calories, herb can help you to improve your emotional health. There are herbs like St. John's Wart to help you combat depression and irritability and Kava Kava to thwart off anxiety and allow you to be calmer. Whether you decide to mix herbs in your food or take them as a supplement, you can be sure that you will find the need to eat less fattening comforts foods and still have a great emotional well-being. Most herbs can be found dried or fresh at any market and can be sued in most recipes. If you are talking specific herbs for medicinal purposes it is best to consult a naturopath to make sure none of them contraindicate with each other and any other medicines you are taking.

Food For Thought

There are many foods that are great for you mind. They can help to establish better thinking, keep you focused, and make you feel less foggy. Foods high in sugar and caffeine can leave you feeling depleted, tired, and groggy after only an hour after eating them. This can make your body feel depressed and as if you cannot focus. You will want to snack on foods that satisfy your hunger, do not add on any extra calories you do not need, and give your body fuel that will not be burnt out too fast. Proteins and high fiber foods offer your body the right combination of what you need for good emotional health. If you are looking for the right kind of snack that will not make you crash, try nuts or veggies with dip.

Timing Your Diet

If you are planning to start a diet, be realistic and time it right. Your emotional health is at stake when you think you need to lose weight and then you set yourself up to fail. Never begin a diet just before a holiday. This will just make you irritable and cause you undo stress and sadness. You can begin to prepare for a diet by not eating as much as you would normally, yet still enjoying your favorite treats. Another time to avoid dieting is after a traumatic event. Always start your diet when you know temptation is not around to interfere.

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