Enhance Healing Through Reiki Crystal Healing

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Whoever said that Reiki can't be enhanced and incorporated with fun definitely hasn't tried the combination of reiki healing and laying on of crystals. The healing through reiki itself is powerful enough to give you whatever is necessary for your well-being however it can very well be enhanced.

The combination of reiki and the crystal sends off a healing energy that is potentially stronger as both their surge of powers are enhanced. As reiki is the type of spiritual healing that is guided by an infinite knowledge of the universe, it definitely works for the highest good of any of its recipient. reiki healing comes by the channeling of positive universal energies thus making the practitioner susceptibly recipient to whatever energy is being sent off by the universe and he becomes a "flow through" of this goodness. In Reiki Crystal Healing, this necessitates the one to be a more open channel and to have a clearer understanding of spiritual healing.

One of the primary benefits of such spiritual healing as reiki and the crystal as well is the promotion of balance through the chakras. For what other particular reason can crystals enhance healing? Crystals used during the healing in reiki will surely help the healing and energy balancing as it is able to speed up the healing process. This is what you can call reiki healing with a step up.

So how does this work? First, the purpose: the laying on of stones is aimed to release emotional, mental or spiritual blocks to a person's well-being. In reiki crystal healing, the healer gives the client safety to release these emotions and enable him or her to talk. Remember that this is part of the healing process therefore it is important that healer and recipient work closely. With every stone that feels good when first placed on the body, its feel can change as the energy it bears has been absorbed so recipients should tell the healer about any discomfort.

Placing crystals that are of appropriate color on each area in need is one of the simplest ways to help balance the whole chakra system because this gives the chakra a boost of its very own vibration. And this is done without altering its energies. The overall harmony of the system is not disrupted as a result. Remember to place a different stone on each of the seven chakras for you to create a general tonic for the strengthening and toning up of your entire system.

The more you learn about the crystal and how you can incorporate it with reiki healing gives you the greater chances of an enhanced form of spiritual healing and one that is surely a level higher in all aspects.

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