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Many people know already that the Amazon rainforest has many plants that can save lives. Totally there are more then 30,000 plants and only 10,000 of them have been analyzed for their active agents until today. Within those 10,000 there are many of them that have ingredients that are known as powerful to beat cancer and other so called incurable disease. I would like to open a door to more information about those powerful plants and fruits to bring consciousness to the world that there is a solution for any kind of disease. All Ingredients of this Amazon Power Juice have been analyzed by the scientific world and are proven for their active agents and qualities and they know the powers of those plants and of what they are able to cure. Nevertheless the real reports nearly never get out to the public because none of any natural grown plant or fruit can be patented for their healing qualities and the world of pharmaceutic products only are interested to transform the active agents into a remedy that can be patented.

Nature has all we need to get well and taking care of ourselves we do not need to get sick to a state where diseases are eating up our body from inside out. As many active agents of the Amazon Plants cannot be transformed into a medicine they can be used in their natural state as healing plants. The juice I wish to present you has just the active agents and healing qualities of every of the above mentioned ingredients and is very powerful:

Composition of 6 plants with anti-tumor components:
Graviola - Aloe - Andiroba - Copaiba - Eucalyptus - Avenca

- The Juice has qualities helping against Dyspepsia, Maldigestion, Gastric Mucosa and Stomatitis

- It contains dietary fibers to helping the process of a perfect digestion

- The Juice contains Aloe Oil that helps regulating the production of gastric acid

- It has properties protecting the esophagus against inflammation, as well as chronic cough provoked by irritation of the esophagus

- The properties of active essence oils, acids, Lupeol, Fenol and Magnesium, bringing an anesthetic effect

- The juice has qualities that protect the stomach wall against irritations produced by ulcers and gastritis, calms attacks of the stomach by acids and heartburn.

- It contains Metionin and Treonin, essential Amino-Acids that detoxify the liver protect the liver from self destruction and avoids the formation from fat in the liver's cell structure. There is one principle that helps the cell regeneration of the liver - a great chance for those who were alcoholics with a liver damage. It clears the liver and the kidneys from all kind of toxins and alcoholic liver diseases and Cirrhosis.

- It has components that help against heartburn, mal digestion, colonic diverticulitis, colitis, avoids the growth of tumors at the connection between the stomach and the intestine, protects against inflammation of the esophagus, nausea and sickness.

Composition of the Juice - Ingredients

Graviola: (special report available) - Helps effetely against tumors of any kind. Graviola has been studied during 20 years in more then 20 laboratories of USA to confirm the healing possibilities at 12 different kind of cancer such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovary cancer, uterus cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, and others. Dr. Helmut Keller discovered a substance in Graviola called ACETOGENIN that is 10.000 times more powerful as ANDRIOMICINE, the drug that is used for Chemo Therapy all over the world.

- After that discovery the laboratories tired to produce a medication against cancer from this powerful substance, but they failed as Graviola does not allow any sophistic process without losing its principals.
- That is the reason why Graviola only can used in natural form to beat cancer with the wonderful attitude to avoid any kind of side effects like nausea, sickness, diarrhea, less of appetite, loss of hair or any kind of weakness provoked by Chemo Therapy

- The juice contains also components of Aloe Vera; one of the ingredient of the plant that is called Acemannam, which has anti-tumor properties.
- Acemannam is a Mucopolysaccharides effective for several kinds of tumors augmenting the numbers of Macrophages, Lymphocytes and Monocytes in our organism. That way they accelerate a cleaning process avoiding that a tumor grows into a metastasis. Aloe has properties that are able to augment the intern oxygen flow transporting the oxygen right to the cells that are affected by cancer cells - those properties are able to separate the cancer cells and regenerates the body cells.

-Avenca has qualities that fight prostate cancer

Copaiba - Andiroba and Eucalyptus

- All three components have characteristics that are working for the complete respiratory system including mouth, nose and throat. They have qualities to beat tumors in all parts of the lung and the respiratory organs.
One of their factors is warming up the pulmonary alveoli so the black and hard nicotine jumps up from their wall and will be secreted in form of yellowish dirty catarrh - the only factor of lung cleaner known until today and a great hope for smokers.

The Juice has components that act on Blood Circulation
- They open the capillaries facilitating the blood stream and the administration of oxygen in the cellular structure. There are qualities that are prophylactic against varices, coronary vessel problems, cardiac Infarction, Stroke, Angina Pectoris, Cramps, etc
- Its properties allow an easy blood back stream to the heart and calms pains in the legs.

- Further components are cleaning the blood fro all kind of poisons, viruses and impurities.

- One of the substances have been detected that is able to eliminate the "hospital killer virus". - This has been found out by coincidence as a person with cancer cached this deadly virus and after taking the juice for a while this virus was not found anymore in his blood. That was a major discovery and studies are still going on to elaborate scientific proof.

- The product has a component that reacts on all kind of inflammation eating up all kind of impurities in the entire body system.
- It also helps at toothache and infections inside the mouth. Take one zip and let it flow to the place within the mouth or use a peace of cotton to bring the juicy material to the infected tooth.

This Juice is NO REMEDY, but just a natural concentrated fruit juice made as nutritional supplement with the divine side effects to eliminate lots of different body imbalances and diseases. It is a Master Peace of Gods Guidance to help suffering men, women and children.

Many years ago I wanted badly to travel to the Amazon because I knew inside that there is the solution for many incurable diseases. Working with the cause of disease miracles happen all the times, but I wanted to help the physical body of my clients faster to recover as aid and other half of the work bringing spirit and matter together to create a power field of healing. I did not need to go - the Amazon has been brought into my home - God had heard my prayers. As I held the product in my hands for the first time I felt some kind of energy light explosion in my entire body (I am a Healer and Energy Sensitive Light Worker) and my inner voice transmitted the words of God: "That is what you were longing for" and of course I am very happy to have had the honor to know the producers and their mission... and I made it part of my mission too....

This product has been created with the intent to help the physical body to restore all sick cells by the active healing principles that we can find in natural products. It is high concentrated and it beats what traditional chemo is not able to.

Nature has all the healing powers we need to restore our body

Doses: 2 times per day as body cleaner and detoxification, in case of Tumors 3 x per day until the double doses at metastases and advanced cancer

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With blessings Regina E.H.Ariel

Since many years I found the source of Healing with Natural Products and the high rated results are speaking a serious and powerful language. Most of people are trusting 100% what the traditional medicine is telling us and often we hear that they are sorry because there is no more solution. An international study found out that 85% of people dying in the hospital are leaving due to the cocktail of different kind of medication and not from their original disease. Should that not be a wakeup call for everybody to hold on and to find out more about that topic? Everything that happens to us is the result of our own actions and trust in others without digging deeper on what could be done better to stay healthy and to heal when we are sick. We all know Anti-Biotic. The word itself already tells you what the real meaning is: Anti=Latin= against, Bio= Biologic= life..... Dear readers, it is time to awaken from misinformation and fears and yes it is time to act, to re-act and to do some self research on the subject. Nobody needs to die of cancer. Every disease has also a psychic cause and working with the cause and a powerful natural product creates incredible healing miracles. The initiative has to come out of you even if you are healthy - there is a lot to learn about how we function as a whole Being of Body Mind, Soul and Spirit. The last one is always forgotten but we need our spirit to be free in order to be healthy. Prevention can avoid much pain for all your family. For more information please communicate directly - free monthly newsletter: visit: - YOU can make a difference in your life.

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