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In my last article about Healing with Crystals I shared more of the legend associated with lemurian seed crystals, as well as some of the intriguing empirical data I've gathered when using these rare healing crystals in my healing arts practice.

From my ongoing research with lemurian seed crystals I have learned that they have an especial affinity for the limbic or emotional part of our brain. The limbic part of our nervous system controls our instinctual response to stimuli. It is the part of our brain that motivates us to take action. Research has shown that we make decisions from our emotions and then justify them with our reasoning.

It is through our brain and physical nervous system that the subtle interplay of neuro-chemicals and cerebral spinal fluids takes place creating a vibrational resonance or energetic frequency that prompts us to experience certain corresponding emotions. contrary to popular belief it is the faster or higher frequency energies which stress us out and trigger such emotions as anger, fear or worry.

In contrast the lower frequency energies correspond with our having feelings of well-being and calm. For example in my aromatherapy practice it is the essential oils with the lower, base carrier notes that have a calming effect on our nervous system. Vetiver, Sandalwood, Spikenard and Myrrh are known to have this calming effect on our nerves. Notably they are all wood oils with a more stabile aromatic profile, meaning their scent is more long lasting, making them excellent anchors for essential oil blends.

Dr. Candace Pert and Dr. Bruce Lipton have both conducted research into the science behind our emotions and our beliefs. These publications listed will help you learn more about the important ground breaking work they've conducted: Dr. Candace Pert, "molecules of emotion" and "Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind" (audio) and Dr. Bruce Lipton, "The Biology of Belief."

Crystals are known to have "the" most highly organized molecular structure in nature. It is my experience when working with the lemurian seed crystals that they transmit something like a holographic blueprint of their exquisitely organized internal structure which acts to tune and refine other energetic structures they come in contact with, resulting in a realignment on all planes: physical, etheric, astral, mental and causal.

This realignment or restructuring helps our consciousness to evolve so that we are more unified and at peace within ourselves. We become more receptive to the intensified evolutionary forces that are presently at work on our planet earth and can more easily allow ourselves to be okay with whatever is happening. As well when we are at peace within we are more open to receive the guidance available to each of us for making wise decisions.

In my next article about Aromatherapy Healing with Pure Essential Oils and Crystals you will learn about the research of Marcel Vogel the inventor of the liquid crystal display (LCD), as well as final thoughts about the lemurian seed crystals and empirical findings when using them in practice.

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