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Herpes virus can become dormant or "latent" for a very long time, sometimes years before showing any signs and symptoms. In other words, a person may be infected for a long time before that person knows that the infection is there. Latency period of the virus is the time when the virus is said to be "sleeping" inside the body. During this period of no activity an infected person feels nothing abnormal, without symptoms, without any bothersome feelings. This is the time when the virus is on its very deceiving state. It is very hard to detect herpes virus in its latent stage sometimes failing the most accurate blood tests.

Despite advances in medicine, the farthest so far that have been reached when it comes to herpes treatment is up to prevention only. But even then, preventive drugs designed to control herpes spread has of little help. This dilemma plagued victims and medical experts the same until another approach in herpes treatment has been discovered, the herbal solutions.

Trend Shift

This approach had been proven to be more effective than conventional prescription and over-the-counter drugs. The idea was founded on the assumption that all drugs that have been manufactured have its roots on natural ingredients, ingredients that can be found generously in our surroundings. This realization gave way to the shift of trend from the laboratory prepared prescription drugs to a more efficient and readily available form of herbal solutions or alternative medicines. This promising medicinal breakthrough gave hope to genital herpes victims.

This kind of approach has gained popularity all throughout the medical circle because of the apparent natural benefits found in it. All the negative effects have been outweighed by its positive results provided it will be used properly. The dreaded side effects in herbal formula are non-apparent or very minimal compared to prescription drugs.

Natural Herbal Advantage

Since the dawn of time, early civilizations have been proved to be using herbal medicines to treat any kind diseases. Many recorded maladies have been healed using this approach and because of that ancient success, the herbal medical practice had been brought to life again to treat genital herpes. Three attributes of herbal solutions have been found to be unchanged ever since. They were the inherent characteristic of herbal medicines that has been attributed to the success of this treatment approach.

  • Elimination of waste or infection. This is the very first stage needed in the healing process. Healing process cannot start without a significant elimination of body waste first. Herbal medicines have been proven to be the best body waste eliminator.
  • Detoxification. When natural detoxification or toxic elimination from our body is concerned, nothing beats herbal solutions. Natural medicines have also been proven to be the best diuretics as well as blood cleanser or purifier. This is another step towards healing.
  • Natural Health Maintenance. Natural medicines, aside from helping in the actual healing process actually supply the needed elements to help our body have sustainable health maintenance.
  • Strength-building. Our body cannot withstand any virus battery or invasion without a steady flow of strength that only natural herbal medicine can give.
Since our body needs to have a strong immune system in order to fight back any genital herpes outbreaks, these three herbal medicine advantages is what we need in order to be properly healed from genital herpes.

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