How to Make an Unforgettable Cup of Tea!

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All the tea lovers will understand the importance of enjoying a nice cup of tea on a rainy winter day (or in the summertime, or whenever you need to cheer yourself up).

Few people, however, are aware that there is one product which can actually make a difference in tea making: the professional hot tea maker.

There are several reasons why brewing tea with a hot tea maker is different than just boiling it in a pot.

First of all, tea lovers know for sure that there are many varieties of tea from many different countries in the world; generally, each variety requires a specific water temperature, as well as specific infusion time.

There is no way anyone can control the water temperature without a hot tea maker. Most people do not know that the tea they're making requires specific infusion time or water temperature. But this detail makes so much difference when enjoying your favorite cup. The smell, the flavour, the texture: all these factors can vary according to the water temperature.

Green tea lovers, for instance, need to know that in order to get a perfect cup and to preserve all the nutritional features of these magic leaves they need to use water at 150/170 F degrees (which correspond to 65/75 Celsius degrees). Infusion time is just 2 or 3 minutes, after 3 minutes the tea will get bitter.

White tea, a very delicate variety of tea, is perfect if you use water at 180 F degrees (which correspond to 80 Celsius degrees). It has longer infusion time, around 4/6 minutes.

Black tea (traditional breakfast tea and other similar varieties) requires truly boiling water. The water temperature needs to be higher in order for the infusion to be truly effective. You can set your hot tea maker at the maximum temperature to get a perfect cup of tea.

Green, white, or black tea, preparing your favorite taste has never been easier with the right product. Especially if you enjoy several cups of tea, using such a product can really make your life easier. First of all, it is very practical, as you will not have to wash any pots: the hot tea maker can spill the tea directly into your tea-pot!

Secondly, in most hot tea makers you can simply set the desired temperature in just one tap and let it do the job! Wait a couple of minutes until your cup of tea is ready!

Lastly, this product is multifunctional: you can get boiling water in just a couple of minutes and use that water to prepare a soup, or to cook pasta or rice. You can use your hot tea maker as a kettle: the difference is that it is more functional, as you can spill hot water directly into a pot without actually having to handle any hot equipment.

This product will give you the peace of mind of enjoying a nice cup of your favorite tea.

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