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Sex is the requirement of any living organism to make his species grow. It is one of the basic instincts of human being.

Every individual wants his or her progeny to be superior to other. It all depends upon the genes what you transfer to your descendents. It is very often seen that people who are very intelligent or successful in their lives, do not surely have their children matching their capabilities or children of normal parents turn out to be a genius. The quality of sperms you transfer to your progeny makes them achieve what they do.

You can help your progeny to achieve better life by contributing the best quality of sperms to them that are the blue print of what your progeny will be.

Your contribution is of very important, as all the traits your progeny carries are your image. Health of your progeny depends upon the genes it possesses which have been transferred by you. If you transfer your diseased genes to your progeny, your progeny will be dull and might suffer from many congenital diseases. More over the intelligence level also depends upon the chromosomal structure what an individual possess. Hence we can surely say that genes of Newton or Einstein were far more superior to what their parents had. So what our children achieve in their lives are somehow likened to us.

The worlds most ancient medicinal therapy system i.e. ayurveda, strictly mentions in its texts that sperm quality should be increased to achieve a better and superior progeny. But now the question arises that what should be done to increase the quality of sperms?

Ayurveda has answer to this problem. Ayurveda has mentioned certain measures by which quality and quantity of sperms can be increased. Certain herbs are also mentioned by which this can be achieved.

Charak samhita, one of the most famous ancient medicinal texts have dedicated whole chapter regarding increasing quality and quantity of the sperms. It has mentioned certain methods i.e. lifestyle and supplements by which sperms of great quality can be generated.

Following are the properties of the herbs that are considered best for producing good quality and amount of sperms. In ayurveda these herbs are called as bajikaran dravya (sperm quality and quantity increasing herb)

· Madhur (sweet)

· Snigdh (unctuousness)

· Brihan (growth promoter)

· Guru (heavy)

Properties of good sperms as mentioned in Ayurveda

· Bahal (thick)

· Madhur (sweet)

· Snigdh (unctuousness)

· Guru (heavy)

· Picchill (slimy)

· Shukl (white) in colour

· Smell less

Reason for decreased quality of sperms

· Older age

· Stress

· Disease like vericoceole, diabetes etc.

· Doing more physical and mental activities

· Obesity

· Over indulgence in sexual activities and masturbation

· Consumption of drug and alcohol

· Usage of steroids

· Smoking

· Wearing of tight underwear which put extra pressure on testicles

· Using of excess of hot water during bathing

· Excess exposure to heat

· Exposure to radiations especially greater than 60 radians

· Consumption of unhealthy and non nutritious food

· Lack of proper rest and sleep

· Usage of medicines like anti depressant pills etc.

Methods of increasing sperm quality and count

· Decrease the frequency of sexual activities to twice or thrice a week.

· Stop in take of non nutritious food and artificial diet supplements

· Masturbate less

· Quit smoking

· Stop alcohol and drugs consumption

· Exercise regularly

· Do yogic and medicational exercises regularly

· Avoid stressful work

· Try to take rest in between long hours of work

· Sleep at least for 6- 8 hours continuously

· Avoid wearing tight undergarments and clothing

· Avoid direct exposure to heat and other radiations

Besides adapting above said methods, ayurveda has also mentioned some herbal remedies that are very beneficial in promoting quality and quantity of sperm. These are bajikaran dravya (herbs that provide strength, vigor and vitality just like a horse)


A powerful sexual tonic specially designed and processed to enhance the ability and to endure sexual drive much longer than the normal. It is a wonderful herb used since ages to improve your sperm quality. Ancient herbal doctors to make progeny of king the best amongst the other rulers have used Shilajit since ages, to promote sperm quality. Even sperm count can also be increased by use of shilajit. Shilajit also provides that extra endurance and power to sustain longer and last more than an average man do. So shilajit make a male, a MAN. Its properties help it to become an antiaging agent that helps you to stay young and enjoy the energies, which a youth possess for longer period of your life.
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A well-known herbal remedy to promote production of best quality sperm that has been used since time immemorial by our ancient scientist cum physicians. Ashwagandha possess properties that help in increasing quality of sperm and also increases the sperm count. Ashwagandha is a sexual ability promotor that helps in increasing endurance and long lasting capabilities. Its unique constituent helps it to suppress vata-dominated diseases therefore widely used as painkiller and health supplement. Read more about Benefits and Uses of Ashwagandha

Kohinoor gold

A great formulation specially designed to satisfy men's basic instinct and help him to generate new and good progeny that helps in carrying out his generation as a superior amongst all the companions. An herbal remedy to increase the quantity of sperm and also the quality of sperm that makes it more viable in producing superior kind of progeny. Its unique blend of powerful herbs helps it to provide that extra amount of endurance and energy that a man always had wished for. Its constituent's herbs are winter cherry, cowhage, shatavari, Spanish pellitory, black musale, henbane, black bitumen, and saffron. All these herbs a famous for there energy enhancer and sexual ability promoter properties. These herbs are extremely used in ayurveda to provide strength and increase vitality of body and also promoting mental stabilility.

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