Is Graviola a Miracle Cancer Cure?

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It is not uncommon to find people searching for natural remedies for cancer and natural cancer cure, but how effective are such natural treatments when it comes to a life threatening disease like cancer. Can you really take the course of natural cancer cures without opting for chemotherapy? The popular belief is that complete cancer cure is only possible with radiation therapy or chemotherapy since this kills cancer cells, but you can prevent cancer from recurring by using natural remedies for cancer. Recent research has shown that graviola, also known as paw-paw or custard apple, may be helpful in natural cancer treatment although no significant medical research exists around this.

The notion that graviola extracts can become a natural remedy for cancer stems from the composition of the plant, which includes a phytochemical called annonaceous acetogenins. People from countries like Africa, South America, and South East Asia have used the bark, root, and leaves of the tree to cure ailments such as depression and arthritis. Graviola extracts have also been known to treat certain kind of infectious diseases caused by viruses. Though cancer does not fall into this domain, Cancer Help UK mentioned how graviola extracts have been used to kill certain types of liver and breast cancer cells which were resistant to chemotherapy. The problem is that no large scale studies have been conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of graviola as a natural cancer cure.

Oncologists and other medical researchers do not support the use of graviola for the treatment of cancer because it can cause nerve changes, resulting in symptoms that are typically seen in Alzheimer patients. The National Institute of Health in the United States published a medical paper by JL McLaughlin, CJ Chang, and NH Oberlies about how graviola extracts were used to kill drug resistant mammary carcinogenic (cancer inducing) cells. The study was positive but no further research was conducted on the subject.

According to Cancer Tutor, the use of graviola with alternative natural cancer cure, Protocel, can increase the effectiveness of Protocel but it is a risky treatment that is not recommended at all for brain cancer patients. Graviola attacks cancer cells by cutting off their energy supply. The problem is that graviola extracts are easily available over the counter and most cancer patients are taking self prescribed medicines. It is extremely important to consult a doctor and take medication as recommended by them. A lot of oncologists are gravitating towards combining cancer therapy with natural remedies for cancer to prevent cancer from resurfacing. However, for stage III and stage IV patients, chemotherapy is the only option for increasing their life span.

Apart from inflicting symptoms similar to Alzheimer's, graviola can also result in the destruction of digestive and intestinal lining, especially in people who do not have any parasitic ailments. Most manufacturers provide a list of symptoms that may occur post graviola intake but caution must be advised. It is important not to trust sources on the internet blindly, unless supported by a recognized cancer research institute.

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