Making Tea an Experience

Click Here for tea kettleWe are all overstressed these days. Most of us are under more stress than is healthy - day in and day out. Looking for ways to reduce your stress level? Try a cup of tea.
Making a cup of tea can be something you do without any thought at all - or it can be a pleasant ritual that brings a moment of calm and order to your hectic day. It's all in the little details. A perfect mug or tea cup. A stovetop tea kettle whistling away as your water comes to a boil. The scent of the tea bag as you place it in the cup. The sound of hot water rushing over the tea and filling the cup.The aroma of tea filling the air and the warmth of the cup in your hand. All of these little elements make a simple cup of tea into a soothing time to calm the mind and body.
A good cup of tea starts with good tea, so find some great tea that you love. Whether it is an herbal blend or a rich black, green, white or chai tea, you can make this a regular time to relax and regroup - even if it is only for a moment.
We all need some way to ground ourselves during the day. Whether it is a simple glance at the smiling photo of a loved one, a moment to look out the window in the middle of the day, or a mini-ritual like a cup of tea, these moments help us to calm and center ourselves for dealing with the rest of the world.
An electric tea kettle will make a fine cup of tea, if you must use one. You can even microwave the water if need be. But there is just something more fulfilling about making tea with a stovetop tea kettle. Perhaps it is man's age-old fascination with fire - and the gift of being able to call forth food-cooking heat at a moment's notice. Maybe it is just that we associate that sound of the stovetop tea kettle with the comforts of home and kitchen full of love and good food.
No matter, it is enough to simply sip and enjoy this rich experience for a moment before rejoining the world and it's tumult. No matter the reason, we should embrace every opportunity to make a simple cup of tea into an experience that brings us in touch with our senses and creates some harmony and peace in our lives. While a cup of tea is not quite as in-depth as meditating, there are elements of meditation in a good tea ritual. It calms the mind while you focus on just one thought at a time: sight, sounds, sensations, scents - and just a moment of peace. Your stress relief can begin with a simple cup of tea.
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