Natural Herpes Treatment - Drugs Alone Will Not Succeed

Click Here for Natural Herpes Treatment - Drugs Alone Will Not Succeed

Taking only Drugs For Herpes Is Not The Answer

If you believe in that treating genital herpes with drugs and topical remedies are the only answer, then you are misguided. In that respect, there are several different herpes treatments to use and to take internally that assist your body in fighting the herpes symptoms. You need to understand that having outbreaks is an immune system problem. Therefore, if you do not build up your immunity you will continue to suffer and be dependent on expensive prescription drugs. You live without having genital herpes outbreaks. You only need to learn how.

The Right Herpes Treatment

If you have been infected with the herpes virus, then you need a thorough treatment plan that works, one that always will work and work for you the rest of your life. A complete plan of remedies will not only help your body fight the virus, but will also build up your immunity of your body against the virus. Diet therapy consists of knowing the foods that feed the virus and the foods that do not. There are herbs that are actually antiviral in action and boost your body's immune system. And, supplements that help your body fight the virus and increase your immune resistance to herpes simplex one and two. A plan containing diet therapy, herbal remedies, immune boosting supplements are what you need to live a herpes free life. You will find that natural herpes remedies are the absolute best way you can live a life free of outbreaks.

Dr David Hogg, licensed naturopathic doctor, has been treating herpes for over 10 years with great success. His program, Stop Herpes Now, And From Coming Back For Good was first published in 2005. Dr Hogg has now updated that program with a second edition with current research for 2010. He continues to update the program with new research. Find his program at and the antiviral herbal formula Zeprevir at

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