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The Infertility Cure System is a holistic way to get pregnant quickly and naturally and have healthy children. Infertility has increased in the United States by 25% over the last five years. The food we eat and the lifestyles we choose to live are the main reason for this enormous increase in infertility. Some reasons include:
Long term exposure to toxic chemicals may affect female and male fertility in addition to increasing birth defects. Production of quality gamete (eggs and sperm) production within the ovaries or testes can be compromised with long-term exposure. Exposure to heat can interfere with a man's ability to produce quality sperm. Exposure to radiation can affect both men's sperm and women's egg production.
Possibly. Many females experience a significant reduction in their fertility by their mid 30s secondary to their inability to produce fertilizable eggs. Fortunately, the ovary's ability to produce quality eggs can be assessed by blood tests known as endocrine profiles and CCT, clomiphene challenge test.
Heavy use of recreational drugs may cause detrimental effects to the production of quality sperm and eggs. Even some prescription drugs such as anticancer chemotherapy, steroids in high doses, certain ulcer prevention drugs such as cimetidine, some antibiotics, and DES (diethylstilbestrol) can cause major suppression of gamete production. The same is true for the excessive use of tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine.
In addition to the best known STDs (sexually transmitted disease) gonorrhea, syphilis, and AIDS, what other STDs can cause a loss of fertility? Chlamydia, the most prevalent form of STDs (three times more common than gonorrhea) is an example of a symptom less pelvic infection that can reside in the cervix of a woman for many years. If gone untreated, this infection can lead to PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) with damage to the fallopian tubes. Ureaplasma urealyticum, mycoplasma hominis, trichomoniasis, yeast, and bacterial vaginosis are other forms of STDs that help create a "hostile environment" within the vagina or cervix thereby limiting passage to adequate sperm through the cervix for fertility to take place. Genital herpes does not directly affect fertility but does make intercourse painful and can affect the fetus if exposure occurs
Is it true that "if you just relax and stop worrying, you'll get pregnant right away? This most common myth about conception is false. As the single most counterproductive piece of advice given to infertile couples, it places more guilt on the already stressed couple. Stress is, and has always been, a major cause of suppressing egg and sperm production. Approximately 30-40% of the causes of infertility is female related. That same percentage, 30-40% is due to male factors, 20% is combined and 5% is unknown. For this reason, it is imperative that the male be assessed by semen analysis early in the infertility workup.
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