Omega 3 Capsules, Can They Increase Your IQ?

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We've all heard that fish is brain food but it's really only relatively recently that we've learned why fish is so good for our brains. Fish, particularly fatty fish, contain essential fatty acids like Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and these two long chain Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary not only for healthy brain development in the first place, but where EPA is concerned, for healthy brain function on a day to day basis throughout the whole of our lives.

Countless studies have now been conducted into whether fish oil, which is basically oil that has been extracted from fish and which contains high amounts of EPA, can help improve brain power and the results are staggering. Many people ask the question, if fish oil is so good for the brain then can fish oil increase our IQ.

The whole concept of IQ or Intelligence Quotient is a controversial topic and it has been the subject of heated debates the world over. Can we really assign an IQ level, which is supposedly an indication of how intelligent someone is, to an individual based on how they perform in one test? Is that really a true reflection of their ability and can the test results change over time? The answers to these questions are not conclusive.

What we do know is that our ability to process information is influenced by many things including genetics, our environment, how much stimulation we receive, our culture and even our diet, therefore to base one's intellectual capability on a single test would seem rather simplistic.

However, if fish oil can have a dramatic effect on the brain, then surely this will influence how well we can process information and therefore our IQ?

Can Omega 3 capsules affect brain power?

Based on the studies carried out to date, there is no doubt that Omega 3 fish oil can influence brain power. Our brains are composed of essential fatty acids and rely on the right kind of fatty acids to perform effectively. The only problem is the brain cannot produce these fatty acids itself and so we have to get them from our diet.

You can think of fish oil, or to be more precise, EPA, as the right brain fuel. If you don't put the correct type of fuel in your vehicle it won't work properly and might even break down and our brains are just the same. EPA just happens to be the right kind of fuel that our brains need to function effectively and if our brains don't get it, it will use other replacement fatty acids obtained from our diet which aren't really going to allow our brains to work as well as they could.

So, to answer the question can Omega 3 capsules affect brain power? The answer is a resounding yes. We know from the results of all the studies that fish oil containing high amounts of EPA can boost learning and concentration, it can improve memory, it can enable us to process information faster and more efficiently, and can even help prevent and treat many different kinds of mental health problems.

Taking omega 3 fish oil EPA will help with concentration, for more information about fish oil and how it can help come and visit our site.

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