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There are many STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) that can threaten one's health, including infections that affect the sex organs but are not transmitted by sexual intercourse. More than just an embarrassing result of poor judgments or accident, STDs are serious illnesses and if left untreated cause can sever health problems, including infertility, paralysis, and death. STDs spread so rapidly because you cannot tell who is infected or not. A person infected with an STD does not look "dirty", promiscuous, or any of the other common misconceptions. What is perhaps most important for all sexually active individuals to know is that once diagnosed with an STD only an individual person can determine what the appropriate next steps should be, include what kind of STD treatment needed. With the help of a health care professional one should make all necessary adjustments and precautions and understand all types of treatments available.

Traditional Medicines

After recognizing any of the traditional visible symptoms of an STD or after participating in unprotected sex or sharing needle/syringes STD testing and treatment should promptly be sought. For herpes, there is no known cure, but with antiviral medications the number and frequency of outbreaks can be reduced. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are two bacterial infections that are treated with doses of antibiotics. Syphilis,, an infection like Chlamydia that can be transferred from an infected mother to her unborn children, is also treated with antibiotics. Though the antibiotics can be administered effectively during any stage of the illness, it cannot reverse any damage done to the body prior to treatment. Like herpes, HIV/AIDS cannot be cured. With advances in medicine however, those living with HUIV/AIDS can live productive lives upwards of 20 years post diagnosis. Treatment involves anti-retroviral medication regimens, like HARRT.

Non-traditional Treatments

Some people like to treat illnesses with herbal remedies. Several herbs and vitamins can be used to boost the immune system, which is heavily strained from trying to fight a given illness. A full and through body cleanse is suggested along with a change in diet, eating fresh, raw vegetables, including raw garlic cloves, cilantro, garden sage, celery, and spinach. Herbalists also suggest eliminating white flour products, white sugar, dairy products, alcohol, red meat and tobacco.


Hepatitis and HPV vaccines have been produced, meaning that those at risk for these infections can use the medication build the immune systems defenses. Scientist are constantly trying to create vaccines for other diseases, included cancers, genital herpes, and HIV/AIDS

Lifestyle Changes

After contract an STD it is often necessary for individuals to make prompt lifestyle changes as well. When STDs are diagnosed and treated in their earliest stages recovery times is quite quick, rendering the lifestyle changes perhaps the most important. This may call for individuals to beginning screening prospective partners for STDs, eliminating drugs and alcohol, and joining a support group. Many free clinics, churches, community centers and LGTB facilities offer several support services. In addition, the family and friends of those infected might also benefit from a number of support services offered.

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