Premature Ejaculation Info That is Completely Wrong! - If You Are Doing These Things, Stop Now!

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It's terrible to see all the bad premature ejaculation info out there when it affects as many as 80% of all men at sometime or another. In your search for finding a cure to PE I think it is important that you get a look at the following so-called "remedies" and learn the truth about them...

Antidepressants - Are You Kidding Me?

Research has shown that people who take antidepressants can last longer in bed. I am sure the researcher was studying something else and happened onto this information and to make some money, he started recommending antidepressants as a cure for PE. Now let's look at the major side effect of antidepressants: They can cause penile dysfunction and take away your urge to have sex! Need I say more?

Creams And Sprays - What A Mess!

I have used creams and sprays and I will be the first to tell you that they only work for a short time and they are not worth the money or the effort. First of all, they are messy and it kind of grossed my partner out. I would hate to see what a new partner would say if you loaded up with a cream on the first sexual encounter. Anyway, not only are they messy, they rub off on your partner and it dulls her stimulation as well. That caused my wife to say no more! Besides, sex is about enjoying the sensations, not dulling them.

Herbal Pills - Do You Know What's In Them?

While some herbal companies proclaim to have the cure with their herbal pills, I'm quite certain they have not been tested or approved by the FDA. Anytime you take substances that have not been approved by the FDA, you run the risk of adverse side effects. I'm not saying that there may not be some benefit of drinking coconut oil but does that mean sunflower oil will work also? Who knows for sure?

Make sure you get premature ejaculation info that is accurate. Forget the above "quick fixes" and go with a proven, long-term program of exercises and techniques designed to cure premature ejaculation. There are some good programs out there but you need to take action and put them to use.

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