Sea Buckthorn Promotes Aging Skin Care and Weight Loss

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Sea Buckthorn contains over 190 different vitamins and nutrients. It has been shown to improve the health, look and feel of skin. It will treat several conditions but it is mainly recognized as a powerful treatment for aging or damaged skin. It is a source of the rare Omega 7 fatty acid, which is believed to cause the body to rid itself of fat, instead of retain it. It has been shown to help prevent type-2 diabetes; and is effective in treating burns and the skin condition dermatitis. It has also been used to treat rosacea, eczema, and acne.

Several studies have found this multi-branched, thorny shrub, was able to prevent weight gain, even when consuming a high fat diet. It will enhance immunity, lower cholesterol and protect against heart and vascular disease. It has been used for centuries in Europe and Asia. It has been used by the Chinese to treat burns and radiation damage.

In 2011, Dr. Oz featured Sea Buckthorn on his show as a health and weight loss benefit. He noted the mouse study where a group of mice were all fed the exact same high fat diet, while a group was given the Sea Buckthorn. The results were that the mice taking the supplement were 50% thinner than the control group. It was also noted that even the liver had lost some fat.

This amazing bush appears to thrive in the high altitude of the Himalayas in Tibet. Even in harsh conditions, the plant sustains itself with the same nutrients that we are seeking, including Omegas 3, 6, 7, and, 9; also carotenoids, flavonoids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

There are seven species of the sea buckthorn bush. The oil is extracted from the berry and the seed, you want to make sure you get the oil from both. In Tibet, the medicinal use of this plant is referenced in medical texts during the Tang Dynasty in the years 618-907 AD.

According to studies, a few of the amazing benefits this plant offers is antioxidants, antibacterial agents, anti-inflammatory agents, and it boosts the immune system. One study proved the oil of this bush provides healing of radiation damage and aids in the relief of atopic dermatitis, which is a recurring, inflammed, and itchy area of the skin.

It aids in the relief of gastric ulcers, which are non-cancerous stomach ulcers that are caused by an imbalance between stomach acid, and an enzyme called pepsin. This imbalance leads to inflammation in the gastric/stomach area.

It helps to heal liver injuries. It is an amazing asset for wound healing, and cardiovascular diseases.

How Does It Help With Aging Skin Care

The nutrients and minerals that this fruit oil offers are amazing for the skin. It offers several antioxidants which are known to help delay aging. In addition, this fruit offers healing properties to assist in eliminating many skin conditions.

Get the Real Thing

Real Sea Buckthorn is an expensive ingredient that must be imported. Just like with the Acai berry, there are a lot of fakes.

The recommended dosage is 1000mg of pure Sea Buckthorn per serving. If the label does not show how much sea buckthorn is in the product, then you can assume there is not much included. Make sure you are able to read the label before you buy.

Avoid juices and blends. There is little or no Sea Buckthorn plant in them. Make sure you check the label. If there are other ingredients, then you don't want it.
Avoid products that have only seed oil or berry oil. It should contain both. There is a higher amount of Omega 7 in the berry.

Each serving should have 1,000 mg of pure, organic Sea Buckthorn berry and seed oils straight from the Himalayas. It should offer a full 30 day supply at 2,000mg per day.

How Does Sea Buckthorn Aid Weight Loss

Research has found amazing benefits from both the berry and the seed of this plant. They do not both have the same benefits, so we want to have oil from both. The Omega 7 fatty acid is believed to be the cause of the weight control that has been found. This was profoundly proven in the referenced mouse study. Be aware, weight loss was not proven in this study, merely weight maintenance while consuming a high-fat diet. The position is that if it can keep your body from retaining fat, and you're not eating a high-fat diet, you should have weight loss.


Clinical tests on medicinal uses were first initiated in Russia during the 1950s (Gurevick, S.K. 1956. The application of sea buckthorn oil on ophthalmology. Vesttn. Ottamologu 2:30-33).

According to the already referenced study of mice that were fed a high fat diet while given Sea Buckthorn; and did not gain weight, there was also weight loss in certain organs, like the liver. This supplement causes Signals to be sent to the brain to stop storing excess fat.

Another study was completed by Xu Mingyu and Sun Xiaoxuan from the Xiyuan Hospital of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China, Beijing, and Cui Jinhua, from Department of chemic engineering, Taiyaun University of Technology. They found that sea buckthorn offers biologically active substances that offer amazing healing of cardiovascular difficulties, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, repairs radiation damage, and acts to prevent senility.

A study by Thomas S.C. Li from Purdue University found the concentration of vitamin C in the fruit, measured from 100 to 300 mg for each 100 g fruit. This amount is higher than strawberry, kiwi, orange, tomato, carrot, and hawthorn. The fruit is also high in protein, especially globulins and albumins, and fatty acids such as linoleic and linolenic acids. He also found the vitamin E content is higher than wheat embryo, safflower, maize, and soybean.

This plant offers flavonoids which are naturally occurring plant pigments. flavonoids are one of the reasons fruits and vegetables are so good for you. Among the many benefits attributed to flavonoids are reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma, and stroke. They may also play a special role in protecting the brain.

Some of the other advantageous chemical compounds found are cartenoids, tocopherols, lipids, tannins, lipids, sterols, ascorbic acid, and many more.

The plants are easily planted and populated and the amount of fruit yielded is high. Production is reliable as the bush is extremely hearty. Unique plant products that have proven nutritional quality, are gaining popularity in the United States. Most Americans do not get the recommended vitamins and minerals. Remember to always check the label for the amount of Sea Buckthorn included in the product. Don't purchase any product with low amounts of Sea Buckthorn. It is preferable to purchase a product that is 100% Sea Buckthorn oil.

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