Stop Stressing, Make Tea!

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Are you constantly stressed running around trying to catch up with a never-ending to do list. Don't let life pass you by, take a little time to relax and enjoy life.

Tea is the answer to your problems. A healthy break from your busy life to sit back and relax. The ancient ritual has been used for thousands of years to clear and purify the mind, body, and soul. And you better believe it will work for you too.

I will teach you the art of tea.

They say a man is only as good as his tools, this is especially true for making great tea.

Luckily you only need three things to master the art.

1. Loose Tea 2. Tea Kettle 3. Tea Pot

Loose Tea-

The most important part of process is to get the best quality of tea possible. Your tea is only as good as the tea that you brewed it from.

If you are like most people you probably have no idea what loose tea is, I'm here to enlighten you. Simply put it is the purest form of tea that you can buy. Its bought in whole leaves that come directly from the plant and cured to perfection.

NEVER use bagged, it is like the McDonalds of hamburgers, although it may be cheap and fast its terrible. Bagged is highly processed filled with stale broken leaves that will rob your tea of its natural taste, body, and up to 50 % of its health benefits!

Remember quality is always better than quantity. Take your time to choose, brew, and enjoy your tea.

2. Kettle

Now that you have your loose tea in hand its time to heat up some water. To do that you are going to need a tea kettle. They come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties but all do exactly the same thing heat water.

The kettle you choose is up to you. I personally use an electric kettle, I think it makes brewing water easier in every way. If you do decide to go the traditional route and get a stove top kettle just make sure its a non-reactive kettle.

3.Tea Pot/ Infuser

The hardest part is over, you should now have the two most important parts to making tea. Loose tea, and some hot water to brew it. Now all you need is to put the two together.

This is called an infuser its a metal basket with a bunch of small holes that you put at the bottom of your tea pot. It makes brewing easy quick and precise so you can brew the perfect cup of tea every time.

When shopping for tea pots be sure to get either a porcelain, steel, or ceramic one that will retain heat well for consistent water temperature when brewing your tea.

You should now have everything you need to start brewing.

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Have Fun

Alexander J. Ray

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