Sure Fire Tips to Boost Your IQ

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Let's say that you would need to increase your IQ for a certain situation where you need to win an intelligent conversation, an intellectual game or maybe a tough IQ test? Is it possible for you to increase your IQ that rapidly? Well the answer to this is yes and you can find the following tips efficient for increasing your IQ at these times.

Improve your psychological state

Use software like Subliminal Flash to become more calm and self-confident. It is proven that positive affirmations affect your brain.

Breathing is One Way Of Boosting Your IQ

Have you gone through any deep breathing exercises recently? Because deep breathing can definitely be one of the most helpful activity that works well with the brain. the process is very easy, all on e has to do is to breathe deeply and then after relax. Through this, the oxygen will run through the blood stream and into the brain which would actually enrich your brains capacity to think clearly and perform its role. breathing through your nose makes it more effecting when breathing deeply.

Another is considering meditation as a part of your daily routine. Contemplate in you deep breathing activity. If you would like to experience real relaxation then your deep breathing activities together with meditating would be the best way to achieve this. Let our mind be free of other thoughts and clear your mind while breathing deeply. Do this in a repetitious manner and you'll surely enjoy the mental ease that it could bring.

Although if you are then familiar with self hypnosis, this is also one exercise that contributes in boosting your IQ so don't hesitate to try them all and discover the benefits it could give to your brain.

Changing Bodily Positions May Help Boost Your IQ

Are you aware that having the right posture would help our brain function accordingly? If you are sitting up straight you release the pressure of your body and it allows your bodily fluids flow consequently. Try sitting up straight with your mouth closed and see if it make changes while your trying to solve some tough analytical questions yourself.

Our body and brain needs a little of that physical activities that would improve both the brain and our bodily functions. A physical exercise that would be able to let your blood flow through your veins would help in awakening your brain as well your senses. You may want to engage in some aerobics activity first before doing any tough mental job.

Together with this is the fact that your brain needs to rest for sometime as well as your body. If you are going to sleep, you make sure that you sleep in a degree where your brain and your body experiences complete rest because this is where you get the best results for your brain when it comes to boosting your IQ.

The Food That You Take In affects Boosting Your IQ

Have you ever heard of ginkgo biloba? This actually is a herbal product which you can take in via capsules or tea. It is known that the leaves of gingko biloba are the most effective part of it that can help in adding quantity to the blood flow that goes into the brain. As blood flow increases, one would be able to gain advantage in decreasing memory gap as well as increasing the brains capability to concentrate on something.

Drinking coffee may be one of the most common beverages that people consume if they would like to keep their brain working. It is known that caffeine's temporary effects may boost the brain to awaken it and perform more of its functions. Although you have to take note that coffee may have other effects that are lasting and contrary to your welfare.

What one should really stay clear from is consuming much sugar. Carbohydrates that is being consumed in more and more amounts can result to a slow and apathetic thinking. One tends to participate in a sulky manner where in the mood is set to be at a slow pace. Avoid sugar, flour and other food that have excessive carbohydrate content you don't need them in times that you need your brain up and running.

Gain More Results for Your Brain

To get better results so you can boost your IQ all you have to do is to perform all that was mentioned above and you'll definitely get something in return not only for your brain but for your body as well. This basically is a part of your preparation in increasing your brain's capability to function more than what you expected so set aside those arguments involving IQ results because its not really helpful in boosting your intelligence.

Bio: Vlad Stivenson, author of accurate IQ test

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