The Healing Properties of Crystals and Gemstones

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You may find it hard to believe, but crystals and minerals DO actually have healing properties. Although the science is not well understood, there is plenty of people, cultures, and history that advocate the use of particular crystals and gems for particular uses. Allow me to explain the basics.

Have you ever slept with a crystal under your pillow? Try it using amethyst or malachite and you will notice an obvious affect on your dreams. Open up to the idea that crystals can help heal your mental, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual state. Once you do, you will have a new hope and a new method for practical self-improvement through crystal healing.

Most Americans these days only believe in proven science. Well, everything IS science, but only some of it has been proven. Take our thoughts for an example. We all have thoughts, but we still can't read them or prove them with scientific instruments. Here we get the "gray area" of Metaphysics. So, to believe in Crystals that Heal, you must understand that Metaphysics is science not yet proven. We still don't have sensitive enough equipment to measure the higher activities of crystals and minerals. Plus, we're not looking for it.

How do crystals heal, then? By subtly altering our vibrational patterns. Have you ever seen Dr. Emoto's water experiments? Science has proven that all matter is actually energy and all energy vibrates. Science has also proven that thoughts, prayers, and other surprising things can alter those energy vibrations. Crystals hold a vibrational pattern that affects the frequencies and vibrations of water as well as those of people (and their bio-electro-magnetic field.)

Different crystals and minerals hold different vibrational patterns, so by utilizing different gemstones, you can affect different parts of your physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual anatomy. The longer you are exposed to a particular type of crystal, the more it can have an impact on you, as your vibrational patterns naturally align with the crystal's vibrational patterns.

Understanding that the vibrations of minerals and gemstones are about as fine as those of thoughts and emotions, is easy to see why believing in the Healing Power of Crystals would increase their potency. And so does wearing or holding a crystal right up against the skin or ingesting a Gemstone Elixir (where you are drinking water that has had a crystal soaking in it - thereby altering the waters molecular structure just as thoughts alter water molecules in the Dr. Emoto Research.) The length of time that a person is in contact with a crystal is also a factor in how much impact the crystal will have.

If you are skeptical that crystals and gems may really promote healing and wellness, then please do some of your own research. The use of gemstone in healing is mentioned in the Bible as well as in the Best-Selling Book, "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yoganada. And volumes can be "Googled" on this subject via the World Wide Web.

To learn more about the affects of crystals and minerals on the mind, body, and spirit, check out this PDF Chart at: The Healing Properties of Crystals and Gemstones.pdf The informative guide offers the main healing uses of many popular crystals and minerals and shows which gemstones open or balance which Chakras.

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