The Use of Tea Strainers in Making Tea

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Tea strainers are used to catch tealeaves as you pour it into your teacup. When tea is brewed in the traditional manner with tea leaves that are not contained in a teabag the leaves are freely suspended in the water; these leaves might have an unpleasant taste and is then filtered through the tea strainer to remove them from the cup of tea. These strainers are usually fit on the top of the tea cup to catch all leaves as the beverage is poured.

Tea strainers have been around for centuries; their popularity has declined since the mass production of teabags and it's not an item that can be found in any home anymore. However you are still able to buy them at most shops and convenience stores and they are quite useful for people that prefer to prepare their drink in the old fashioned way. They often come in a set that includes a small saucer to hold it in between drinking. They are usually made out of silver, stainless steel or china; in rare instances you might still find an original piece made out of fine porcelain.

A similar tool is a brewing basket; used at the top of a tea pot to contain the tealeaves during brewing. You might be lucky enough to find an antique item, as tea strainers was a common item in the olden days, before technology set in. You can even try to collect a set of them; they came in a variety of shapes and colours. This is a very helpful little tool to own; brewing your own tea is a nice alternative to regular tea from teabags and you might want to try the old fashioned way every now and then, just to add a little variety.

Tea strainers [] are gradually becoming more and more scarce as the tea bag takes over the tea world. But the pleasure of a properly made cup of tea, with tea leaves is undiminished. Tea strainers [] are an essential part of the tea drinking ceremony and more effort should be made to prevent them from being phased out altogether.

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