Using Healing Crystals - A Guide to Chakras and Gemstones

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healing crystals are those that bring therapeutic value to the areas of your life that bring you discomfort or suffering. These could be minor physical ailments, such as headaches, through to emotional matters such as stress. healing crystals can help you to unblock your negative energies and allow positive ones to flow through you again. Here are some examples of how to work with crystals and some of the best ones to use.


Chakra can be translated from the Sanskrit word for wheel, which illustrates the movements around these points. Energy doesn't like to stay still! There are 7 chakra points, starting with the root chakra at the base of the spine and going up to above the top of your head. The energies within these chakras vibrates at various speeds and it is important to ensure that this does not become blocked. If this happens, the individual will feel an imbalance and possibly a range of symptoms to go with it.

healing crystals can help to unblock the chakras and restore you to a feeling of balance and calm. A full list of which crystals can be used for each chakra is beyond the scope of this article, but here are some suggestions:

1st Chakra - smokey quartz
2nd Chakra - tiger's eye
3rd Chakra - citrine
4th Chakra - rose quartz
5th Chakra - sodalite
6th Chakra - clear quartz
7th Chakra - amethyst

Top 5 Favourite healing crystals

There are other ways to use healing crystals however. Here are my favourite 5 and some suggestions of what you might use them for:


This gemstone is a wonderful talisman and so to gain its protection for the whole day, it is very effective worn as jewellery.


I love the freshness that just the name of this healing crystal seems to summon! It is a very tough stone but a lively one, raising your spirits when you're feeling low and giving you pep when feeling listless.

Tiger's Eye

Traditionally used to ward off curses. However it can also be used to help you to recognise your own potential.

Rose Quartz

Such a pretty stone, how can it be for anything but love!


To encourage the flow of energy through the chakras, it unblocks you and helps you to regain your strength after a difficult time.

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