What Are Crystals? (Healing Crystals)

Crystal properties

Crystals or gemstones are natural grown minerals or special kinds of rocks with specific properties. The main difference between a crystal and a common stone is in its atom and molecular structure. Crystals are usually constructed of one or a few types of atoms that form a connected repeating atom patterns. A specific property of crystals is that they form over time. Process of growing of crystals is called crystallization.

Crystals energy

Because of their structure, crystals are able to receive, store and transmit energy. This energy can be used for healing in so called 'crystal therapy' - a common alternative practice of healing. Crystal meditation is a practice of combining the energy of crystals by making crystal grids or laying them on chakras with different meditation practices. Crystals are great 'friends' to have around and they strongly affect the energy of the place if used as ornamental objects and garnish. They can also improve energy field and general well-being of people wearing them as jewelry. Gemstones of different types emit different energies and should be used in line with their energetic vibration and their properties.

healing with crystals

For proper use of gemstones for healing and energy work it is required to learn certain knowledge and practices of working with crystals, energy and intention. Most important things and very simple to learn are how to clean, charge and program your crystals. Crystal can be strong tool for healing a persons mental, spiritual and energy disorders which are closely connected to all physical symptoms that we call illnesses.

Crystals and chakras

Some of the most common but very effective and strong healing stones for beginners are:

  • Red Jasper - For strengthening the basic energy of a person, ideal for root chakra (1st).
  • Tiger's eye - Builds self-esteem and raises faith. Works on sacral chakra (2nd).
  • Citrine - Amplifies life-force energy, brings light and positive vibrations trough solar plexus chakra (3rd).
  • Aventurine or Rose Quartz - Best for opening the heart, bringing love, harmony and connection. Usual use is on the heart chakra (4th).
  • Calcedone - Strengthens the willpower and opens the center for self-expressing. Use is on the throat chakra (5th).
  • Amethyst - Strengthens connection to spiritual energy and raises psychic intuition, for use on the third eye chakra (6th)
  • Clear Quartz - A purest crystal with universal energy for amplifying and balancing overall work of all chakras and energy systems. You can use it on the crown chakra (7th).

Bojan Matjasic is a researcher of alternative practices of healing, meditation and consciousness development. Find more info on Crystal healing meditation here.

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