Why CBS Hates Herbal Supplements

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Rarely do I ever see prime time news but it happened to be on when I was in the room the other night at the gym. I saw a CBS news report that got my attention and people have been talking about.

CBS reported that herbal supplements like St. John's Wort are dangerous and potentially harmful because the FDA does not regulate or test the many supplements available today. Now I do not even know much or care about St. John's Wort but I feel strongly about this subject and decided to take time out from writing my book to write this article. I hope you find it informative.

First of all the FDA approves pharmaceutical drugs based on biased research
from the same companies developing the drugs. They are an ineffective agency
that really does not regulate anything.

In the news report by CBS they did a really good job of grouping all
supplements together and portraying them as unhealthy, dangerous and
ineffective, while portraying doctor prescribed drugs as safe, effective and
really your only choice if you want to be safe.

Nothing could be further from the TRUTH! The TRUTH is that pharmaceutical
drugs, chemical supplements and cheap synthetic vitamins are unhealthy,
dangerous and ineffective! These misleading fear tactics work really well at
getting people to not explore alternative health options that might save their
lives or spare them horrible side effects from doctor prescribed drugs and OTC

Randall Fitzgerald summarizes the truth well in his recent blockbuster book
"The Hundred-Year Lie" which you must read to truly understand how "food and
medicine are destroying your health." From his book:

  • Not all synthetics, at least as far as we know, are toxic to us.

  • Not all naturally occurring substances from nature are benign.
  • "However broadly speaking, the evidence indicates that most naturally
    occurring foods and medicines are healthy for us, as they have been for our
    species for thousand of years, while many if not most synthetic chemicals in
    foods and medicines pose some health risk."

    One of the REAL problems with the natural supplement industry not being
    regulated is that the same vitamin companies that produce cheap, ineffective
    synthetic vitamins are producing cheap ineffective versions of herbal
    supplements. Many natural, herbal and whole-food supplements are safe and have
    tremendous health benefits and could seriously improve or even save someone's
    life. The effectiveness of natural supplements, however, varies greatly by the
    brand and manufacturer and in general you should avoid anything made by a large
    publicly traded company.

    What happens is someone walks into a store and buys the cheapest bottle of
    'St. John's Wort" or some other herbal supplement. They take it for their malady
    and after a period of time say "This stuff does not work; I think I will go see
    my doctor." This product was probably made by a company that cares little about
    the quality or freshness or else it would cost more. They may have gotten the
    herb from a questionable source that was cheaper or figured out they could make
    more money by using an ineffective part of the plant like the stem. There is a
    huge difference in effectiveness based on freshness, quality, and the method
    prepared. A freshly squeezed shot of wheat grass for example would be much
    better than wheatgrass powder or pills.

    The problem is natural remedies and whole-food and herbal supplements compete
    directly with the pharmaceutical industry, which I am guessing is CBS's biggest
    advertiser. In the CBS news report there was an alleged number of deaths from
    adverse effects of natural or herbal supplements. The number was made to look
    really large and bad by making it over a large span of time. I do not remember
    the exact numbers used in the report but I do know that MANY, MANY more people
    have died from adverse effects and reactions from doctor prescribed drugs! Look
    it up for yourself but I will let you know ahead of time you will find very
    little negative information about legal, patented prescribed drugs that the
    pharmaceutical companies make millions on.

    The "War on Drugs" in this country is a war against naturally occurring drugs
    that Big Pharma can not patent and profit from! I am seeing in the drug rehab
    where I work a dramatic rise in people addicted to these doctor prescribed drugs
    because people are being reassured that they are safe and good by doctors and
    the media.

    This news story is incredibly well orchestrated propaganda; do not believe
    what you hear on the news. Some people may remember recently the interview
    between celebrity Tom Cruise and reporter Matt Lauer. There has been a huge
    media effort to discredit Tom Cruise and make him look like a whacko or weirdo
    because he has been outspoken about prescription drug use and the pharmaceutical

    There were also attempts to discredit other alternative health advocates like
    Kevin Trudeau of http://www.naturalcures.com. I will be writing another article in the
    near future about BusinessWeek's story called "The Organic Myth" that will blow
    you away! Don't believe the media! Their news stories are mostly just
    advertising in disguise or Big Business Propaganda.

    I do not fault them for this it is just the American Way in the "Land of
    Opportunity". I love America, capitalism, free enterprise, The Constitution, The
    Bill of Rights, and Liberty and Justice for all. We can not blame governments,
    corporations and political leaders for lying to us. We can only blame ourselves
    for being blind to the truth.

    Ian Kelley is the author of The Organic Body fitness and cookbook. Ian is a lifelong chef, competitive natural bodybuilder, holistic health advocate and writer. His website, www.organicbodybuilding.com, provides informative articles and resources on natural/organic bodybuilding. Ian is now offering a FREE copy of his "Organically Ripped" Pre Contest Diet to all who subscribe to his FREE newsletter.

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