Anabolic Food: Top Ten Muscle Builders

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Sure, gaining that first 10 pounds of muscle comes easy for most, even with a so-so diet. When you want to go above and beyond though, new and intensive measures must be introduced. This requires a bull-headed commitment to a large volume food intake. Eat protein first each an every meal. We are talking 5 to 6 meals per day. On average, most will need to eat about 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. If you are obese, this guideline does not apply. Each meal will contain anywhere between 40 - 70 grams of protein. Don't count protein grams from 'indirect' sources, like oatmeal or whole grain bread. Only count protein grams from primary protein sources (chicken, steak, eggs, etc.).

Anybody aspiring to build muscle should be eating these foods on a regular, if not daily basis;

1) Whole Eggs... An egg yolk is a terrible thing to waste.

2) Cottage Cheese... I like fat free, usually three cups per day.

3) Tuna... Canned mixed with olive oil mayo, mustard, or mixed with cottage cheese goes down easy.

4) Whey Protein Powder... I use this multiple times per day, a must if you are serious about building muscle.

5) Lean Cuts of Steak... Ok, red meat in general. Quite simply, it makes you big and strong. Many top bodybuilders have eaten lean cuts of steak as part of their breakfast for decades.

6) Chicken Breast... A classic. Eat anytime.

7) Dark Meat Chicken... Don't forget the rest of the yardbird. Not uncommon for a growing bodybuilder to eat half of a roasted chicken in one sitting, at a minimum.

8) Turkey Breast... Another classic, dark meat is also good.

9) Canned Sardines... natural source of creatine. Great source of fatty acids and protein.

10) Lean Cuts Deli Lunch Meat... easy and fast way to gulp down some protein. Use in addition to a meal or along with a protein shake as a 'snack'.

Count your protein gram intake. Please do not make a classic mistake. I hear guys complain all the time about not being able to pack on muscle. When I start to evaluate their diet... it is quickly realized that most often they are not eating nearly enough protein. You cannot simply make it a point to eat protein, and assume that you are actually eating enough of it.

Pay attention to portion sizes and labels until you know for a fact you are eating enough. I am a big advocate of using a food scale. Measuring your food portions will train your eye to to be able to recognize 40 grams of protein in a food serving versus a 20 gram protein serving size. You will not have to do it for very long, but it will give you an education and a 'food realization' that you will use daily.

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