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Apple polyhenols are stepping up to the plate in the alternative medicine world. They have been scientifically proven to have affects against cancer and even aging. The latest studies show that apple polyphenols have positive affects against many diseases and can even start the hair regrowth process.

- First of all, what are apple polyphenols.

These are commonly called apple procyanidins to refer to the distinct benefits of the polyphenols contained in apples. In general, polyphenols are a sub category of antioxidants and include flavonols, flavonoids, tannins, catechins and anthocyanidins. One of the most important is procyanidin b-2. We will get to that later. All of these antioxidants have beneficial effects on the body in many ways.

- What do they do.

Antioxidants are unique in the way they help protect the body. Free radicals from chemicals, pesticides and pollution take a toll on the body by stealing electrons from healthy cells in the body. These healthy cells can be in your heart, colon, skin, lungs and anywhere. When these electrons are stolen from the cells, they themselves turn into free radicals, take more electrons and continue to spread throughout the body. What antioxidants do is they can donate electrons to these free radicals making them inert or if they were once healthy cells, it turns them back to there original healthy state.

It is easy to see an example shown by the skin. When the sun or pollution starts changing skin cells to free radicals they start doing damage. This is precisely how skin cancer develops. Many tropical fruits are known to be beneficial to the skin and are added to many tanning and sun creams. The reason they are beneficial, is because of the antioxidant polyphenol content.

- Hair regrowth.

There are 3 cycles in hair growth phase. Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Most of the hair is grown in the beginning anagen phase that can last up to 6 years. The second phase, catagen, can last around 2 weeks and is the part of the cycle where the anagen growth comes to an end and the follicle shrinks to hold in the hair. The root diminishes but remains just below the scalp.The third phase, telogen, is the resting phase and can last up to a month. Less than a 1/4 of all the head hair is in this phase at one time. At the very end of this cycle, the hair attaches to the root and begin the process over again. In some cases the new hair growth may push the old hair out as part of the cycle.

- Procyanidin B-2.

Earlier, I mentioned apple procyanidin b-2. For hair regrowth, this is a very important natural chemical. Procyanidin b-2 belongs to the tannin family and in studies, it is proven to have hair growth stimulant effects by stimulating the anagen induction in the hair regrowth cycle. By stimulating the anagen cycle, the hair regrowth process itself is stimulated which is why procyanidin b-2 has shown so much promise as a hair regrowth agent. The largest amount of procyanidin b-2 so far, is found in apple polyphenols.

Written by Jacob Jacobson.
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