Apples and Polyphenols - Are Apple Polyphenols the Next Diet Miracle?

Click Here for Apples and Polyphenols - Are Apple Polyphenols the Next Diet Miracle?

You may have already heard about apple polyphenols and their remarkable effect on laboratory animals. Early results show that these anti-oxidants can make rats leaner and live longer. Hopefully, all the rats that are reading this will take note and incorporate little green apples in their diet.

That's the point. The apple polyphenols being tested are from unripe, immature apples. If you've never eaten one, they are a bitter mouthful. The scientists have been using these immature fruits on laboratory rats, who don't mind the flavor. Other controlled experiments are using extracts of these compounds in animal and human trials.

The good news is, they seem to have a measurable effect. The bad news is, the apples from your grocer are probably too low in these phytochemicals to do any major good in fat reduction by themselves. Mature apples that have been kept in cold storage lose a lot of their antioxidants, compared to fresh, immature apples.

This is yet another area where the early results are feeding the hype. Until there are long term, controlled, double-blind studies of the effects of these beneficial nutrients, we won't know all the facts. Will they reduce our belly fat and prolong our life? Maybe. Should we incorporate fresh fruit like apples into our diet? Probably.

Since I have no experience in using the extracts of these apple polyphenols myself, I can neither recommend or dismiss them. It's up to you to consider whether they are worth checking out for yourself. However, if you're looking for yet another short cut to reducing belly fat without diet or fitness training, I'd strongly suggest you check them out first. I know for a fact that they're less bitter than little green apples!

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