Aromatherapy Massage - The Benefits

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Aromatherapy massage tends to be more relaxing than other forms of massage such as Swedish. Longer, slower strokes are used, and the massage is much less vigorous. However this does not mean that Aromatherapy massage is not as beneficial in relaxing the muscles, it is just done in a different way.

When going for an Aromatherapy massage you should discuss with the aromatherapist what you hope to achieve from the therapy, if you have particular health or emotional problems you would like treated make sure your therapist knows this. Once you have told the aromatherapist all of your symptoms they will blend together some essential oils with a carrier oil that they feel will benefit you.

There are many essential oils to choose between, so trust your therapist to pick a blend that will include top, middle and base notes. You should feel able to ask your therapist why they are choosing the particular oils added to the blend, and you should check you like the scent of the blended oils before the massage begins.

Massage therapy has been proven to provide great comfort to those who are suffering emotionally, as touch can create the feeling of warmth and closeness. Add to this an uplifting blend of essential oils and the effects can be quite amazing. This is particularly true for people who suffer from emotional problems, and may find it hard to talk about their feelings.

Aromatherapy massage is also very good for moods, whether it be you are feeling low, angry, emotional, unhappy, stressed or any other emotion, there will be a blend of oils that can be made up to help. The slower pace of the massage also helps out in these circumstances and will be extremely beneficial.

Aromatherapy massage can also be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and many more. Just ensure your therapist checks the contraindications for the oils used as your skin is likely to be much more sensitive.

A little fact many people aren't aware of is that Aromatherapy massage can assist with weight loss. The massage itself boosts the circulation and encourages lymph drainage, which will help, add to this a special blend of essential oils suited to your individual weight loss needs and it's a winning formula.

There are endless benefits when it comes to aromatherapy massage, way too many to be listed here. If you are interested in booking a massage ensure that the therapist is qualified and look to see if they have any recommendations. Many massage therapists advertise Aromatherapy Massage, but will use pre-blended shop bought oils, these will not offer anywhere near the same benefits as a blend that is made specifically for your needs, so ask them about this when booking the massage.

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