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Different human beings have been putting unnecessary drugs into there body to help them relax or to help there body heal. What some of the world is not aware of is that the mind is more powerful then these drugs. The body can and will be healed with the natural herbs of Mother Nature. These herbs will help to relax and stimulate the body.

The use of distilled essences of plants which prompts the well being and health of your mind, emotions, and body is aromatherapy (Wilson 3). Aromatherapy has been defined in many different ways but it basically is the process of diffusing scents into the air to make people feel better (aromatherapy). Aromatherapy is used to relax the body. Scientists have been studding the use of aromatherapy and came down to one conclusion, "Aromatherapy does relive stress" (aromatherapy).

Aromatherapy developed from the ancient practice of using different kinds of natural plant essences to promote a person's health and well being as well. It consists of pure essential oils obtained from a wide assortment of plants. These have been distilled or cold-preserved from roots, bark, flowers, and fruit (what). History shows that aromatherapy has been a vital part of caring for the mind body and soul. Our ancestors have inhaled the sweet aroma, which was used to stimulate the mind. Aromatherapy started when a chemist named Rene-Maurice Gattefosse became interested in healing the body by using all natural essential oils. He came across the technique of using distilled plants and fruits for a wonderful smell. His mind pondered on the question could this sensational smell stimulate the mind into relaxation. While pondering this question he decided he was going to do an experiment. He purposely burnt his hand and then took the lavender oil and rubbed it on his hand. In minutes the burning sensation was gone.

Soon enough the burn disappeared. He then realized that these distilled plants and fruits could heal not only burns but could heal the whole mind. He found out that these terrific oils and aroma could change a human's emotion and put them to extreme relaxation in minutes (aromatherapy).

Aromatherapy is proven to reduce stress affectedly on human beings (What). Aromatherapy can ease the body and relive any discomfort your body is feeling, such as pains or any headaches (what). Aromatherapy does really work. Modern scientists have been doing research on aromatherapry and they have proven the healing evaluates different kinds of pure essential oils (you). "The appropriate oils can have powerful results, both on the body and spirit" (what). There are different aromatherapy products that work for different emotions and for different people. Whatever product you are using all relates on what kind of person you are. Different people may get different reactions. It is proved that aromatherapy bath salts have a relaxing and stress releasing effect (soak). Another product that is proven to release stress is lavender. Most salons when using lavender mix it with some sort of lubricating oil. When using the lavender it is almost positive that there will be a relaxing reaction when rubbed on a human's body. Aromatherapy can help you reduce and manage stress. It plays a major role in almost ever illness a human will come across. The use of essential oils can help you control stress, alleviate anxiety, and tension. Essential oils will minimize the physical aches. You can use aromatherapy to relax and unwind after a stressful day at work, on the road, or even at your own home. Aromatherapy has a positive influence on your emotions. When talking aromatherapy it will put your mind at ease and calm down your nerve (Wilson11).

Some hospitals as well use the aromatherapy procedure to relax the patients and put their aches to ease. In fact most of the staff at these hospitals use aromatic oils to help them relieve stress. After they use the oils they say it helps them to concentrate more on the patients instead of there own stress that is bothering them through out the day. In conclusion, the patients get the undivided attention that is needed and makes the patient feel better and more comfortable in the hospital (Bricklen 21-22). The aromatic procedure has been a big success in the hospitals. Different reporters have been going around to hospital to hospital and saying that patients swear that when they use aromatherapy it replenishes them and relaxes there nerves (what).

"Aromatherapy also acts on the central nervous system, reliving depression and anxiety, reducing stress, relaxing, uplifting, sedating, stimulating both physical and emotional wellbeing" (Prevent). Aromatherapy helps people to relax and to reduce their stress. The aroma signals a special part of the brain that controls the emotions you feel. Scientists have been doing research and they have found that the aroma of the smells controls some of your emotions (another). The essential oils are absorbed into the skin's pores and then reaches the blood stream through connective and lymphatic tissues. This usually takes 10-20 minutes to happen. The essential oils go through the subcuteaus or fat layer and penetrate the skin (Tutorial). All of our senses travel through our sensory path of nerves and spinal cord before it reaches the brain. When you smell the aroma the essential oils go through the impulses to the old factory membrane (actual brain cell) (Tutorial).

Although the concept of aromatherapy has been around for many years it is still around. Aromatherapy has continued to help ease the human body. "People everywhere are responding to aromatherapy," says Mae, vice president and director of the fragrance marketing. The future of aromatherapy looks bright indeed. People everywhere are finding out about the benefits of aromatherapy. Its ability to promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve work performance and to evaluate the mood you are in (past).

You have heard in all cases on how aromatherapy has reduces stress effectively on human beings. The aroma of sweet lavender has and is proven to calm the nerves of a human being. We have heard in some cases that patients in hospitals are now using the aromatic procedure. Aromatherapy does work and it is more powerful then any drug in any drug store. Your mind has the ability to do anything it wants to. The aroma of the oils gets to the part of your brain that allows you to do whatever you want. When you use the oils you are most likely wanting to relax. As the oils are on your body you are thinking about relaxes and your mind and the oils do the rest.

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