Curing Cancer With Mountain Graviola

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With the continuous need for less damaging and more affordable treatments, the rise of natural medication is truly inevitable. You may have heard of different herbal alternative medicines being advertised in the market. One such alternative treatment quickly gaining popularity is graviola. However, there is actually a closely-related plant with more curative properties than graviola and that is the mountain graviola.

Mountain graviola, commonly known as mountain soursop, is a tree belonging to the Annona family. The tree is a famous medicinal plant and can be found in Central America and the Caribbean islands. It closely resembles the graviola tree and the two plants are often mistakenly considered the same. But though they look alike and are from the same plant family, they are different as proven by their chemical compositions. Scientific names are used to give distinction when referring to both plants.

Annona montana or mountaian graviola leaves are glossier and are wider as compared to those of Annona muritica or graviola. In addition, montana bears fruits faster. These fruits have fibrous pulps and grow to about 15 meters long. Montana fruits are said to be sourer than muritica's.

Muritica has risen to fame as an alternative cure for cancer due to the 82 acetogenins it contains. As compared to muritica, montana has more of these beneficial substances. Mountain graviola has 108 acetogenins. The acetogenin annonacin is a major cancer-fighting chemical found in both trees but in larger content in montana.

Mountain graviola has similar ATP-inhibiting effects as the muricata. It also aids in building body resistance against cancer and other fatal illnesses mostly related to the digestive track and the cardiovascular system. Studies showed that mountain graviola destroys cancer cells faster than Andramycin, a drug used in lung cancer chemotherapy. Liver and ovarian cancer patients taking in mountain graviola herbal medicines have also been healed in just a year. Amongst these cured patients, no one has been reported to have acquired recurring cancer. Mountain graviola is said to be most effective with liver cancer, affecting the ATP nucleotides nearest the organ. Ovarian cancers have one of the highest mortality rates yearly. Montana's acetogenins are effective in pinpointing the tumor and can eliminate the damaged cells before they reach other organs.

Combined extracts of the muricata and montanta are often used by supplement manufacturers for enhanced effectivity. According to researches, the combination of these Annona plants is far more effective in treating cancers than surgeries and chemotherapy. Furthermore, they do not pose any side effects to the body. Using natural supplements and herbal medicines do not damage other organs like conventional cancer treatments do. Even when combined with medication, Annona supplements are still safe. In fact, combination and separate ingestion of muritica and montana, hastened and escalated the effects of antihypertensive drugs in animal test subjects.

Nevertheless, remember that taking Annona supplements is not as effective as taking in muritica and montana as food. Supplements have already been mixed with other synthetic substances, thus reducing the acetogenin contents of the plants.

Mountain graviola can be considered one of the best discoveries in the medical industry. With more than one hundred beneficial acetogenins, it would not be a wonder if this plant can cure more fatal diseases other than cancer.

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