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Over the past couple of years a lot has been said about Provillus. Some people hate, some love it, and some sites simply give outrageous claims about Provillus and other natural hair loss treatments.

So after buying and using it for the past year, this is my unbiased and honest Provillus review and experience with the product.

What is Provillus?

Provillus is claimed to be one the top natural hair loss treatments on the market. However, like most health products, there is a chance it may not work for you. Nothing works 100% of the time for everyone - our genetic make-up is just too diverse for any perfect, universal health product to exist! And that's a fact!

Any potential problems with Provillus?

1) Can take up to 6 months: Although it only took about 2 or 3 months for my hair loss to slow down and for new hair to appear on my bald spot, for some people it could take up to 6 months to see any noticeable results. I guess it all depends on your genetics, general well-being, and how soon you start the treatment.

2) Not 100% effective: With that said, Provillus sometimes may not work for you at all. Look, no treatment, no matter how advanced it is, can work for everyone 100% of the time. Our bodies are way too different for the perfect cure to ever exist!

3) Possible side-effects: Although Provillus claims to have no side-effects, sometimes people do not follow directions and they take a double or even triple dosage, thinking it will speed up the results. This is NOT recommended - it can cause conditions like a dry and itchy scalp, and sometimes more severe reactions like chest-pain and dizziness. But if you do what they tell you, it is unlikely you will have any side-effects - unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients, of course.

So why did I buy Provillus then?

There were a number of reasons why I and many other hair loss sufferers settled on using Provillus:

1) Safe, natural, cheap alternative: First off, Provillus and other hair loss products are the safest and cheapest options. If you think custom wigs and hair pieces can run into the hundreds of dollars; and hair transplant surgery is a long, painful $10,000 procedure that isn't covered by your health insurance.

2) Reliable, quality ingredients: Provillus is one of the few products that contains BOTH the FDA-approved ingredient, Minoxidil, which helps block the production of DHT (the hair loss hormone); and the naturally-occurring Azelaic Acid that stimulates new hair growth. Not to mention other natural hair loss herbs and vitamins, like Saw Palmetto, Biotin, Pumpkin oil extract and many others...

3) Separate formula for men and women: Since Provillus is scientifically formulated to take our varying hormones into account, there is a separate formula for men, and Provillus for women - this makes it safer and gives you a better chance of treating your hair loss.

4) 90 Day money-back guarantee: Provillus is NOT some fly-by-night company that is going to take your money and run with it. It is a reputable brand that believes in helping as many men and women as possible. That is why they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not happy with your results, you can get all your money back.

5) Discreet, online order: Many hair loss sufferers (me included) are embarrassed about our hair loss, and do not really want anyone knowing we a taking a product to treat our balding. Thankfully, Provillus requires no prescription, and it can be ordered discreetly online from the comfort of your home. And when the package comes, nobody will know that it is a hair loss product - the packaging is discreet, and your bill will merely be from Provillus.

The Bottom Line?

At the end of the day, either you will love Provillus or you'll hate it. But if you are a man or woman with hair loss issues that are affecting your social life and happiness, then it is best to do something about it and buy Provillus or any other natural hair loss product. With a 90 day refund, you really have nothing to lose. I also heard they started running a promotion, where you can get 2 months worth of Provillus for FREE. Perhaps another reason to check it out?

If you are not quite sure yet, you may find this Provillus review really helpful - there's some great info about how to prevent hair loss there too! Best of luck to you!

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