Healthy Eating The Anabolic Way - 5 Misconceptions About Cooking And Eating For Fitness

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When you pick up a package of pre-made dinners or a can of soup do you ever wonder what is really in that can or in that meal? Most of the time we cannot even say the name of the ingredients much less even know what they are. Preparing you own healthy meals is not that hard at all and can be very rewarding. With anabolic recipes that you prepare and cook yourself you will know exactly what you are eating and what contributes to healthy eating. Anabolic cooking is not hard to do and is much better for you.

Most of us want eat right and more Americans are getting more overweight as each year goes by. I know that it is much easier to just open that can of soup or pull out that TV dinner and call that a meal and it is so convenient too. Then we wonder why we are just putting on the pounds as each day goes by. As the saying goes, "We are what we eat."

There are a lot of good, tasty foods out there, and all we need to do is to ignore some of the misconceptions about eating healthy foods. Here is a list of the top 5 misconceptions about cooking and eating for fitness and for bodybuilding.

1. You are convinced that food must be plain, tasteless, and just boring in order for it to be considered for bodybuilding and good fitness nutrition.

2. You don't think that you could prepare a delicious meal that taste like it was prepared at a fine restaurant or that a meal could promote fat loss and building muscle at the same time.

3. You may not feel confident, or you think that you are not able to prepare a meal yourself that is tasty and nutritious.

4. You think that it is just to time-consuming to prepare a full week's worth of meals, and that eating pre-made TV dinners is the real time-saver.

5. You are concerned that a trip to the grocery store will just cost too much to eat nutritiously.

We all have been led to believe a lot of those misconceptions when it comes to eating healthy foods and how to prepare them. There are many healthy anabolic recipes to choose from and all are very nutritious and healthy for you. Anaboloic foods are not going to cost any more than the foods you are eating now.

Anabolic foods can be prepared in advance and you will know that you are eating healthy foods.

Learning to eat healthy and preparing and cooking your own meals will be the best decision you ever made for you and for your family. You will be able to lose weight and to tone and build muscle. For more information to healthy eating the anabolic way visit

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