Herbal Brain Tonics As Study Aids

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It is a common habit of students to sacrifice sleep just to cram for the next day's exam - not knowing that being sleep-deprived affects concentration and slackens the cognitive mechanisms required in an extreme mental discourse. Meanwhile, university and high school students tend to get by with the intake of imbalanced and poorly nourished diets. This, when complemented by sedentary lifestyles only weakens the individual's mental capabilities apart from ensuing a number of physical disorders.

Sleeplessness, mental stress and unhealthy lifestyles become the perfect formula to mental fatigue, which typically manifests among students-particularly those who are academic driven and yet never getting around to achieving the desired results. Should you find yourself in such a predicament, why not consider the use of herbal formulas to naturally boost your academic performance?

You will be amazed at how herbal tonics and herbal supplements can help extend cognitive proficiency safely and effectively to therefore allow you to ace your exams while keeping you fit and healthy, inside and out. Recent scientific studies have confirmed the efficacy of pertinent herbs and herbal formulas in the context of enhanced brain functioning while preserving physical health in order to help you make that grade. Gotu Kola, for example, has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve mental function. The herb contains triterpenoids or active, medicinal compounds that have been shown to ease anxiety and help sleep-deprived students combat the incidence of insomnia. Besides being effective in improving memory and overcoming stress, studies reveal that the Gotu Kola gradually increases Intelligence Quotient (IQ) scores. Ginkgo Biloba is another miracle herb containing naturally-occurring flavonoids and terpene lactones that promotes efficient blood circulation to the brain. The presence of said compounds in the body creates opportunity for the brain to effectively absorb the oxygen and nutrients needed for optimal brain performance. In fact, the Ginkgo Biloba is well known to therapeutically improve mental efficiency-including cognitive ability, communication skills, orientation and mental concentration. Another herbal remedy called Bacopa Monniera works as a powerful antioxidant that protects the brain from free radical damage. The Bacopa contains bacosides or active compounds that are regarded as 'memory chemicals' which guarantees the longevity of the brain.

Standardized herbal supplements for the brain such as Study Plus are formulated with Gingko Biloba extracts and serve as potent herbal tonics. Coming from a blend of natural ingredients, herbal remedies guarantee therapeutic efficacy without the trigger of unwanted side-effects.

Students from all ages need not content with memory loss, concentration issues and chronic study fatigue which hampers scholastic performance. There are herbal supplements that efficiently bring us to the resolve of day-to-day woes the natural way.

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