How to Beat a Summer Cold Quickly

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We all know the symptoms of colds...runny nose, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and on and on.

With most or all of these symptoms it may come as a surprise to learn that the common cold isn't quite as common as we would like to believe. Over one hundred different rhinovirus types have been identified, and many of the cold viruses still have not been isolated. The cold you have this week may or may not be the same virus that is 'going around' in spite of a similarity of symptoms.

Of course, with the way herbs work, the broad variety of viruses doesn't really matter. Herbs generally feed the body and allow it to fight off the invading organism. This is reassuring since antibiotics are effective only against bacteria and not viruses.

So, when you wake up with the feeling that 'they're going to get you today' and your throat feels a little swollen, or your sinuses feel a little irritated you need to hit back hard and heavy with some solid, good nutrition.

There is an old adage that most of us learned as "Feed a cold, starve a fever." Somehow, this adage got mixed up and abbreviated. It originally said "If you feed a cold you will have to starve a fever."

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. During cold and flu season, I really like to recommend using High Potency Garlic because it is odor-controlled (not the same as deodorized) garlic. This type of garlic has all the garlic potency without the odor. Garlic has long been known as 'Russian penicillin'. It has proven effective against many viral diseases, and can be used by most people as a preventive. If having a slight garlic odor on your breath is not an option for you, you might want to try LYM-MX instead (see below). This blend of herbs and vitamins helps keep the immune system in a 'ready' position to fight things off before they become a problem.

The first advice I give to fight off any type of virus is to go on a 'healthy fluid only' diet for 24 to 72 hours. Healthy fluid includes herbal teas, water, chlorophyll water, Zambroza (Thai Go), and diluted juices. Zambroza (Thai Go), with its mangosteen and goji berries has been clinically proven to improve the immune response. The juices aren't for the vitamin C, instead, they are simply fluid to help keep the mucous well liquefied and bathe the mucous membranes to help rinse away some of the virus cells. A short healthy fluid fast helps you to starve the cold so you won't have to starve a fever.

A solid option for moving a cold or flu infection out at the earliest symptom is to go for a half-hour moderate workout (walking is good), followed by a half-hour steamy hot bath, followed by falling into bed for the night. This will usually cut a cold very short!

Another helpful tact at the earliest stage of 'coming down with something' is to have an enema. I firmly believe that we don't catch colds, we earn them. Viruses are scavengers. They eat garbage. If your body is well nourished and getting rid of it's metabolic waste properly you should not have an internal garbage dump that will attract viruses. Some of the mucous that is eliminated during a cold is waste material that accumulated before the cold symptoms started. When you are experiencing the earliest symptoms of a cold, an enema can help to eliminate some of the built up garbage from the bowel and thereby reduce the duration and intensity of the cold. Warm water is as complicated as this needs to be. Do remember to take probiotics (Bifidophilous Flora Force or Probiotic Eleven) (orally) just before doing the enema to ensure that the healthy bowel bacteria are replaced immediately. Don't use yogurt for this. It's not potent enough.

Everyone is at least vaguely familiar with the work of Linus Pauling on vitamin C. His research indicated that vitamin C was helpful in boosting the immune response. The effectiveness of Vitamin C with Bioflovonoids (Citrus Bioflavonoids) in virus epidemics was shown as early as 1948 when doses of 6,000 to 20,000 mg of vitamin C were administered to patients suffering from poliomyelitis. Those who received the vitamin suffered no paralysis or maiming effects. I routinely recommend using six to ten tablets per day, to bowel tolerance, at the first symptoms of a cold.

LYM-MXcan be used every day as a preventive and the dose can be boosted if you feel something is brewing. It contains beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin D and magnesium in a base of cleavers, alfalfa, chamomile, echinacea, parthenium, Siberian ginseng, yarrow, lecithin, garlic, and CoQ10. I use this one very liberally during the early stages of an infection. It also grants preventive protection. School teachers and those who work with the public can take this daily through the winter to help themselves stay well.

If your colds hit especially hard in the sinuses, you might like SN-X. This is designed for those sinus congestive conditions, including colds, that can be so miserable. It contains the likes of fructus aurantia immaturi, burdock, parsley, horehound, Siberian ginseng, marshmallow, golden seal, capsicum, and yerba santa. (There are some contra-indications for this formula. It should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers.)

If you tend to be developing a lot of colds, a cleanse would probably be a great idea. The Tiao He Pak is easy and convenient. It comes as a bag of 30 individual dose packets. One packet is taken 15 minutes before one or two meals each day, remembering that you must eat healthfully for this to work. The Tiao He Pak is designed to clean out the liver, blood, and bowels.

My experience has been that people with poor immune responses often have low chi and react well to chi stimulation. IMM-C (astragalus, Panax ginseng, epimedium, eucommia, ganoderma, lycium fruit, rehmannia, dang gui, achyranthes, atractylodes, citrus peel, hoelen, ligustrum, ophiopogon, ho shou wu, polygala, schizandra and licorice root) builds the chi (also known as the vital life energy) and boosts the immune response.

Furthermore, if you are prone to frequent colds, you may have allergies that have not been diagnosed. In this case, large amounts of vitamin C have been shown to be very effective in reducing the duration and severity and frequency of colds. Of course, it makes sense to do some detective work to isolate the allergies and remedy them.

There are, or course, many more herbal remedies for colds. The list is probably as long as the list of rhinoviruses. These few have proven themselves over many years!

Judith Cobb is the Master Herbalist, Certified Iridologist, Nutritional Consultant Practitioner at Cobblestone Health Ltd. She takes pride in teaching people practical, everyday things they can do to enhance their health while coaching them in the judicious use of natural herbs and supplements.

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