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Many folks have been interested in learning more about the Sea buckthorn berry -- one of the latest health crazes to hit the market. In truth, this bright orange berry is not new at all; in fact, the Greeks were reaping benefits and learning more about the Sea buckthorn berry 1,200 years ago.

Asia also knew something about the Sea buckthorn berry, which appeared in medical texts in China and Tibet 1000 years ago. The berry grows on the Sea buckthorn plant, which gets its name from its tendency to grow near the ocean and the long, sharp thorns that adorn the branches.

Sea buckthorn grows in areas across the globe, from Asia and Europe, all the way to regions of North America, where it has begun to be grown commercially.

The health benefits are continuing to be revealed as scientists learn more and more about the Sea buckthorn berry. This ingredient is used in skin care formulas, due to its ability to treat skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

The tiny berry is also rich in important antioxidants that can help the body fight free radicals that are found in the environment in cigarette smoke, pollution and the sun's damaging rays. It can also protect the skin against aging, due to the high antioxidant content.

Scientists are also beginning to realize something new about the Sea buckthorn berry; that nutrients inside the berry can have powerful anti-aging properties. Some of the substances found inside contain effective emollients while others can nourish the skin and even reduce wrinkles. It seems that the more we learn about the Sea buckthorn berry, the more beneficial it becomes.

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