Male Libido and Kidney Yang Energy - The Traditional Chinese Herbal Key to Impotency

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a medical system with a 4000+ year history, the Kidney organ-meridian system is known as the seat of vitality. The kidney organ-meridian system may be thought of as comprising not only the physical organ itself, but also a set of energetic and physiological functions/activities. These activities according to TCM theory form the basis for a human being's core vitality and state of health. The kidneys in TCM are said to store Jing or Essence. Jing is the energy which underlies the life force itself. Without Jing, life itself does not exist.

The kidneys role in storing and conserving Jing has important implications for the well-being of both men and women. In TCM it is said that too much sexual play or excess devitalizes a man's Kidney Jing. In parallel TCM also states that the process of giving birth and nursing children also devitalizes a woman's Kidney Jing energy.

Deficient kidney Jing often manifests in men through a variety of ways including weakened sexual drive, and or impotence. A parallel diagnosis within the Western medical perspective may be that of low testosterone. The two views need not be contradictory as they both describe a similar reality albeit from a different perspective.

The kidney organ-meridian like most in the TCM system has both a yin and yang functionality. The Yang or active component of the Kidney is called the Ming-men huo or "Life Gate of Fire". The metaphor becomes a bit more concrete when we realize that a man's ability to achieve an erection is an active "fiery" process involving a complex of functions involving cardiovascular functions, blood flow, and hormonal secretion. Thus when a man's sexual fire or sexual drive is low his kidney yang energy is often the culprit.

Many of the herbs utilized within traditional Chinese medicine to treat low sex drive, impotency address nurturing the Kidney yang. There is a long history of safe and effective use of 'warming" Kidney yang tonic herbs. These herbs can be found in many of the Chinese patent herbal remedies found throughout Chinatown stores across the world. Without the inclusion of these vital kidney Yang herbs the celebrated herbal sexual elixirs would be unable to deliver the much needed "jumpstart" that many men need to restore potency. Key kidney yang herbs for sexual health include: Yin Yang Huo, Deer Antler, Cistanches, and Eucommia.

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