Natural Cures For Back Pain

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Most of today's jobs revolve around sitting at a desk starring at a computer screen. This causes most people to be hunched over for 6-8 hours a day. With this in mind, it's no wonder 8 out of 10 adults in America have, or will develop, back pain. Maintaining a work life balance while in pain is hard to do, but using natural means of pain relief can really make a difference.

The Chinese medical perspective on maintaining a good work life balance stems from their belief in the skeletal structure, bones and lower back being a part of the kidney network. When the kidney network becomes weaker, due to

• Age
• Unhealthy diet
• Excessive physical strain
• Excessive alcohol or drug use

It can result in back pain, fatigue, general weakness and other signs of premature aging. Trying to add the strength and energy back to the kidney network is a difficult task. Balancing work and life goes hand in hand with balancing exercises, herbs and lifestyle choices.
Natural stimulants and movements can help increase kidney network energy, according to eastern medicine's way of thinking. These natural tips for a more evenhanded work and life balance are as follows:

1. Using eucommia
• Using eucommia to strengthen bones, tendons and ligaments and to help ease pain in backs and joints is not just an eastern way of thinking. Western studies on rats have proved both the leaves and bark of eucommia contain a compound that helps develop collagen. Eucommia is found in many herbal supplements and is usually taken in 350mg doses twice a day.

2. Pressure Points to Puncture
• Acupuncture and acupressure (acupuncture without use of needles) are popular natural pain relieving practices that can help create a nice work life balance. Finding and pressing the correct acupoints can strengthen kidneys and help stop back pain.

3. Food that Eliminates Pain
• Yes, certain foods and drink can help alleviate back pain. Mixing equal parts of unsweetened black cherry juice with dark grape juice, or incorporating more pineapple into your diet can effectively decrease the amount of lower back pain due to the enzyme they contain called bromelain.

4. Exercise
• This simple yet effective way of easing back pain and creating a nice work life balance is never utilized enough and is popular all over the world. Back pain is made by the wear and tear of living which weakens the skeletal structure. To strengthen your skeletal structure, exercise! Even if you are older, exercise can help prevent the progress of degenerative bone disorders. Here are some exercises that can help lower back pain:

• 30-minute daily walk
• Moderate weight training
• Tai chi or qigong
• Flexibility classes

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