Oolong Tea and Weight Loss - How The Polyphenols Can Help Burn Fat

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For a very long time now, the Chinese believed that there is a link between drinking Oolong tea and weight loss. All teas originate from one plant Camellia sinensis and if it does not come from this plant it is referred to as herb which comes from a variety of plants. Over time, the plant has protected itself against photosynthetic stressors by creating compounds called polyphenols. These polyphenols, including flavonoids, have identical beneficial class of compounds, antioxidants that make fruits and vegetables good for us.

All teas are green when picked but, the difference in Green and Oolong tea is the method of processing. Green tea is heated in order to stop the natural enzymatic reaction (oxidation) of the leaf, once dried; it is then rolled intentionally breaking down the cell structure. Oolong tea leaves are plucked, put under carefully maintained conditions and allowed to oxidize. These leaves are not intentionally broken down leaving most of the cell structure unaffected

During the 1990s, a Chinese study shows that the frequent consumption of Oolong for six weeks resulted in the reduction of body weight. The increase in fat oxidation by consuming Oolong tea is amazing! This study along with uncertainty of other compounds influencing the tea's weight benefits called for further research.

Oolong tea can tell your body to burn fat and transform it to energy. EGCGs in this tea together with caffeine work together to increase fat oxidation. But, polymerized polyphenols which is extremely rich in Oolong tea is connected to the fat burning result and not just the caffeine or the combination of caffeine and EGCGs alone.

Oolong tea noticeably increases energy expenditure (EE) and can promote disposition to use fat as an energy source making it a great tool for shedding and maintaining weight. Oolong teas outcome on blocking the absorption of fats and carbohydrates is assumed to have a significant role in its weight loss benefits. Initial studies signify that Oolong tea has blocking potential but more studies are needed to be done.

Whether consuming it hot or cold Oolong tea has a great taste. Thirty minutes to one hour prior to walking, exercising or taking a yoga class you can enjoy consuming a cup of tea and obtain the benefits. There are additional proven methods for losing weight and keeping it like getting enough rest and eating a healthy diet. Oolong tea can assist in these optimistic changes and get faster results.

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