Quick Easy Cheap Meals - Proper Storage of Celery

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Proper storage of food is important.

Proper storage of food saves time, money and natural resources. You have already made an investment of both time and money to go buy the food. You don't want to have to invest both time and money again if the food spoils-- before you can use it-- due to poor storage techniques. Most foods are labeled with storage instructions. That's your best source for information about that food. When information is not available on the package, you must search for it; also ask other people what works for them.

Quick Easy Cheap Meals: Let celery be the focus of your meal.

You've got to love celery. Celery is good raw, cooked, plain, fancy or as a flavor enhancer in other foods. Celery is healthy and can also be a very affordable fresh vegetable, especially when you look for a good deal. However, until a few months ago, celery was always the first thing to go bad in my fridge. That is, until I learned this little secret. Now I buy celery in the big packages of 4 jumbo bunches and it never goes to waste.

Quick Easy Cheap Meals: Proper storage of celery.

This is so simple, yet so effective. When you get your celery home, slice off the very end where the roots were. Break off the individual stalks and wash each thoroughly. Set on a towel to dry. Depending on the size of your family and how much celery you may use at one time, split all your clean celery into groups. For my family, we use 5-9 stalks at once. Then, get out your aluminum foil and tear off a sheet big enough to wrap each bundle of celery stalks in. Roll them up and fold over the ends. Then, put all your foil bundles in the fridge. These last for weeks. In fact, most of the time my last foil bundle comes out to be used about 1 month after I wrapped it and it is still fresh, crisp and juicy.

Ideas for using celery.

When you have the munchies, take out 1 stalk and try nibbling on that instead of reaching for fat-laden potato chips. Chop celery and add to spaghetti sauce, tuna sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, cottage cheese, or coleslaw. Saute chopped celery and add to scrambled eggs, meatloaf, or homemade soup.

Quick, easy, cheap meals: Something we can all enjoy with a little practice
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