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Sore throat home remedies are many and varied and range from the ridiculous to the medically tested and proven. With this common recurring condition many sufferers have their own favourite sore throat treatments that seem to work for them. The condition is medically known as pharyngitis but is generally called a number of different names but regardless of the name, you know quite clearly when you have an infected throat because of the pain and discomfort you suffer.

A sore infected throat is normally a symptom of a bacterial or viral infection, such as the common cold but may be caused by other factors. Usually other symptoms show up with an infected throat, such as a runny nose, a headache, muscle aches, a high temperature and a cough. If you have suffered with the condition you know how welcome some kind of throat relief is. You have perhaps tried sore throat home remedies in the past.

Sore painful throats are very common indeed and lots of people have at least 2 or 3 episodes every year. Infected throats are very noticeable among children and teenagers because younger people have less of an immunity or resistance against many of the germs and bacteria that cause sore throats.

In most cases the ailment is not too serious and is gone within 3 to 7 days without the need for any medical treatment. Often one of the sore throat home remedies for relief does the trick for around eighty-five per cent of people and over-the-counter prescriptions can usually relieve the symptoms without the need to see a medical professional.

However, if the symptoms do not improve after two weeks or you have continually bad throats you would be well advised to see a doctor, because if you have a very high temperature it could be symptomatic of a more serious medical condition, such as tonsillitis or quinsy.

While most diseased throats can be treated with sore throat home remedies, some folk are more prone than others to develop complications from a sore throat and may need additional medical treatment.
The bacterium or virus that gives you a painful throat is usually passed to you from someone else as it is spread through tiny droplets that contain the virus. These are launched invisibly into the air when someone sneezes, coughs or speaks. If you breathe in one of these droplets or touch a surface that they are on, and then touch your face or mouth, you may become infected.

Once you have caught an infection, it is generally a matter of letting it run its course and dealing with the symptoms with a one of the sore throat home remedies. If you or someone in your family has a bad throat then one of the many sore throat home remedies may be just the thing you need.

Other steps you could take to help relieve the symptoms are:

* Don't eat or drink anything that is too hot as this could irritate your throat.
* You can suck throat lozenges, hard sweets or ice cubes to ease the pain.
* You should also avoid smoking and smoky environments as this will irritate your throat.
* Regularly gargle with a mouthwash of warm, salty water to reduce any swelling or pain.
* Drink plenty of fluids, especially if you have a high temperature (fever).

As a general rule the best way to treat a painful throat is with one of the many sore throat home remedies that have been passed down from your family or from others who have found relief with them.

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